Wordless Wednesday: Kansas City Style

Wordless Wednesday: Kansas City Style

Most of my Wordless Wednesday pics were taken on our trip to Kansas City to visit the International House of Prayer in KC. Passion for Jesus is my favorite IHOP-KC conference. This past weekend, mom, sofia, and I attended PFJ.  I’m too broke for weekend getaways, but mom offered to pay.  And we had cheap room and board thanks to our friend Audra Lynn.  Isn’t her place so cute?
wordless wednesday audra
Normal people have loose change on their dryer. I guess musicians like Audra have guitar picks…

wordless wednesday audra

Discovered a new drink that I love. Kombucha. It has 4 BILLION probiotic cells!! I came home and bought like 8 bottles to drink each day. It made me feel energetic and healthy.

wordless wednesday kombucha

Got to see Sofia interact with a lot of different kids. At the IHOP-KC conference, they had a parent-supervised play room. It had a big screen where parents could still watch the teaching or worship, but the kids got to play & crawl around. Sofia was so funny. She’s not really aware of personal space. She just crawls up to other babes, puts her face inches from their face and stares at them, studying them. It was hilarious to watch.

wordless wednesday playtime

My good friends & sisters in Christ, Diane and Nadiyah. Miss them so much! We stayed up talking and laughing for hours.

wordless wednesday sisters

On the ride home, Sofia was POOPED. She met so many new & different people. Saw her first afro (2 actually). LOL! And picked up a new skill, probably from all the hours of worship-CLAPPING! So cute.
wordless wednesday pooped

Today, Sofia discovered a new food she loves. Iceberg Lettuce! She has a mouth full of it here.

wordless wednesday lettuce


  1. Sofia is SO adorable. I’m glad you had a great time at the IHOP-KC conference. I’m off to the Baptist Women’s convention next weekend with my mother-in-law, I can’t wait to get down and jam for Jesus with my other sisters-in-Christ.

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