Wordless Wednesday: A Made Bed

Wordless Wednesday: A Made Bed

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This wordless wednesday post is not so much… well wordless.

Will she go down good for naps?  What will our snack time be? Will I get through all the laundry or to clean the house? Will the broom be where I left it? What new messes will I wake up to find? Will I spend time in the Word? And will I feel connected to God during my prayer time?  Will my husband come home early? What will we have for dinner? Will I get to work out or have time for a run? Will we have money for bills?  Will I get to sleep tonight?

Arguments.  Diapers. Out of groceries. Misplaced things.  Unexpected messes. Mischevious dogs. Sickness. Naps cut short by doorbells or dog barks. Debt collector phone calls.  Tears. Spontaneous invitations. No money.Hormones. ADD.   Interruptions. No car keys. Pet peeves. 

When your main job is taking care of a baby, husband, family… you wake up each  day not knowing what the day will bring. I feel crazy sometimes from the lack of true routine, lack of consistency. It feels like there is nothing I can definitely expect.  Nothing that I can firmly rely on. But there is one thing that brings me comfort each day.

Right here I should probably be saying something about Jesus.  But no. It’s my bed.  You see every day, I get up and I take one minute to pull up the covers and straighten the pillows. The sheets may not be clean.  There may be things on the floor.  But when I look into my bedroom throughout the day, I see a made bed.  And it brings a little wave of comfort to my soul.

It’s strange-I know. My husband says he doesn’t understand the reason for making something you are just going to climb back into a few hours later.  And I haven’t always had this habit. But now that the days of my life are rocky and unpredictable, it has come to be my solace of reliability.

All in all my worries are very minor. I have a lot to be thankful for. I think it’s just the human condition to want to know what’s coming, what to expect. So, I cling to this one thing: a made bed.

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