When What God Says Becomes What Others See

In the Prayer Room, a woman came up to me and said she had a “Word” or prophecy for me. She said, “Strength and dignity are your clothing.” Another prophetic word was given to me later that also spoke of my strength and honor. It’s strange to hear what God says about you when you feel anything but…

As my heart has been opened, I have really struggling with not finding affirmation in others. I was rebuked strongly by God for flirting. This rebuke made me see my darkness, and that I am prone to go to men or even competition with friends for my value and affirmation.

During my quiet time yesterday, I was studying Song of Songs 6. In 6:4, God speaks to her. He tells her that she is beautiful and fierce (as an army). Six verses later, the world (ladies) see these same qualities about her. It is so important that we go to God, asks Him what He thinks about us, what He sees when He looks at us, what He says about our future and our situations. When we let this in to our spirit, the world will begin to see these same virtues because when God speaks, His words do not return void. He spoke the world into existence. He will call forth your strength and your destiny.

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