Weekly Meal Plan Chart – *FREE* Printable

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Weekly Meal Plan Chart – *FREE* Printable

I created this blank weekly meal plan chart (printable version) for anyone needing something to get your meal planning organized for the week. Weekly Meal Plan – Printable meal plan chart


I’ve been getting a little out of control this pregnancy, so I had this lofty idea of meal planning for the week to sort of reign in my out-of-control eating patterns.  I’m going to be making it plant-based so that I can get back in those eating habits.  I still eat 1-2 meals a day that are plant-based, vegan (with the other meal being donuts, or a bag of Riesens, or Sonic breakfast burrito…I know, I know).   I’m hoping that with a little planning, my tendency to just eat whatever, whenever will be curtailed.


Half the reason for my lousy eating is cravings  & appetite (baby wants momma to get faaaaaat), but the other half I think is just laziness or being tired.  I’m too tired to think about what I’m going to eat, too tired to prepare it…. I’m thinking if I could weekly meal prep or weekly meal plan that I might be more likely to fuel my body in a more controlled and nutrient-rich way.


Maybe?  Like I said, this is a lofty goal.  But hey, at least I am trying.

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