Wedding in Florida

Just got back from my brother’s wedding in Tampa/Ruskin, FL. I had a great time and am seriously contemplating moving to Florida in the summertime. I continued the Daniel Fast during the time I was down there, and I am sort of sad that it will be ending in less than 10 days since I started on the night of January 8th. I’ve actually been 2 weeks without caffeine now, and it feels great. More importantly, my time with God has become a higher priority. Everyday, I HAVE to spend time in his presence. Above all, I feel that my heart and perspective are renewed and refreshed.

God came through for me on wedding day. My mom and the step mom actually talked and it was not unpleasant. I prayed to God Psalm 18… that God would reward me “according to the cleanness of my hands”, and He did. He answered my prayer for peace for my family. He is so amazing and worthy of all sacrifice.

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