We are Pregnant: How My Husband Shares Pregnancy with Me

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we are pregnantWe are Pregnant: How My Husband Shares Pregnancy with Me

Just found out we are pregnant with baby #2.  And by “we” I mean WE. My husband has to deal with so much emotional, hormone-related breakdowns and tantrums when I’m pregnant. Not to mention he gained half of my pregnancy weight with me last time too.  🙂  But really, he is so sensitive to what I’m going through I couldn’t ask for more or better.  I don’t know how I could be pregnant without him.  It would really suck.

He gives me patience & understanding when I’m irrational.  He goes to most of my doc appointments and gets excited at things like the heartbeat and sonograms. He runs to get me drinks or food that I’m craving. He tells me I’m beautiful no matter how big I get. He pays the doctor bills. He doesn’t mind when the housework or laundry gets behind.  He lets me sleep with a huge pregnancy pillow (that we have agreed is named Julie) even though it makes him feel like there’s another person sleeping with us.  He stays by my side through the labor even though I’m sure it makes him queasy.

I’m probably forgetting a lot of stuff.  I’ll blame it on pregnancy brain (but really I also suffer from ungratefulness).  He really is amazing.  And he goes through pregnancy all the way with me.  Sure it’s a little different, and it’s not actually inside his body, but beginning to end, he does his part.  And I love him for it!  Such a great husband and dad…

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