Watch of the Lord

The Secret Weapon of the Last Day Church

I have made you a watchman for the house of Irael; therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for Me Ezek 33:7

Joel 1:13 Come, lie all night.

Watch, n: The act of keeping awake to guard, protect or attend; the state of being wakeful; a state of alert and continuous attention

Throughout scripture there i evidence of God’s power being released when people went without sleep (watched) and prayed–both individually and in one accord with others.  Both in the old testament and new, individuals such as Joel, Samuel, David, the disciples, and Jesus practiced praying through the night and calling upon God, interceding for nations and peoples.  In these last days, a movement is sprouting across the world for forerunners or watchmen who will sacrifice their time and comfort to stay alert and call out to God on behalf of others.

We need the intimacy, power, and ability we receive as we spend time watching and praying with the Lord.  Before the days of Christ, people watched and prayed out of their desperate needs.  But the times that Jeus spent watching were times of communing intimately with His father.  His times of watching were a source of life for Him, a relationship with Abba Father.  And of course, there He received the revelations and instruction He needed to fulfill His purpose on earth.

Each weekend, a group of us spend a night in this time, this watch of the Lord, praying and interceding for the nations, people, church, our country, and leaders, and whatever the heart of God is calling us to pray.  We are longing and welcoming the presence of God.  This meeting, its purpose is rooted in desperatio and the need for intimacy, anointing, & power.  As this group is just beginning, I am excited to see the release of God’s movement in our lives and through our prayer.

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