Victory Around the Bend

A few months ago when God asked me to come into agreement with the heart and prayers of a Christian mother for the salvation of her son, I didn’t know that the spiritual repercussions would be so violent. When we take up God’s call to intercede for people of non-Christian beliefs, we must also understand that we have entered into a battle. You cannot haphazardly enter into this prayer duty. Understand that from the time you utter the first words to God for this person’s freedom and salvation that the spirits of darkness that long to keep him bound will fight.  They will rage against you.

In these times, we are not to fear man. Proverbsw 29 says calls the fear of man a trap.  What does a snare do to it’s victims? It immobilizes it’s target.  That is what the enemy wants to do–paralyze you with fear.  He wants to hold you in a state of distrusting God, not moving forward, not advancing.  You are called to advance on the kingdom of darkness!

Continue to press forward in prayer. Remember to walk righteously.  This means trusting in His protection and provision.  Remember in these moments that the power of life and death are in the tongue.  So speak life!  Do not grieve the Holy Spirit by speaking words of bitterness or malice.   I have prayed for the grace of the Holy Spirit and then in the next breath spoken some worthless, corrupt communication that grieves the same Spirit I was beckoning.  Be on guard and always submitted & led by His Spirit.  Carry with you verses that will help you in this.

Just as in battle, every step must be cautious.  When you agreed to make Christ your lord, you agreed to enlist in a spiritual army.  The good news is , you are given all power. You are led by a commander with the winning battle plan.  In the end, ALL knees and hearts will bow in surrender.  The bad news and what many fail to realize is there is ACTUALLY an opposing team set on destroying and devouring you.  If you begin to feel the pressure of their armies pressing in, if you begin to sense the crushing weight of their darkness, this means you are in the fight! If it is constant, great! This means you are on the front lines and highly used by God  (Like that football player in high school that played the entire game because of his skill and endurance).  What an honor, and you will see the reward of taking many captives and claiming many victories for Christ.

A ‘captive’ that becomes a slave to Christ is free indeed. Continue in prayer , taking up always the armor of God.  Continue on in boldness.  For it is in these times of immense pressure that God is breaking through hardened hearts and sawing through spiritual chains of oppression.  Though you may feel crushed and defeated, it is in these times that victory is just around the bend.

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