Vampires, Weed, & Truth

There are many ways that God speaks to you, and my vampire story in the previous post shows each of these ways.  Number one, through his written word, the Bible, through the Spirit, and through others.  In the vampire example, God spoke to me through the Bible and the verse in Philippians.  I knew that some of the movies that I watched with vampires as the lead characters were not true, worthy, pure, noble, right, or honorable.  But one of my favorites, Underworld, did have noble qualities.  Sometimes Satan will confuse us by mixing in some virtuous qualities so that he can turn around and deceive us into thinking it is acceptable.  It took the spirit tugging away at me, my mother’s prayers, and a friend from church to open my eyes to the wrongness of vampires coated in the cloak of deception.

Take smoking marijuana as another example.  I have a friend that is a Christian that believes that smoking weed is not opposing to his Christian beliefs.  He even has a bible verse to back up his thinking (Genesis 1:29).  Maybe he has forgotten the many verses on being obedient to laws. A couple verses that teach us to follow laws of the land are listed below:

Romans 13:1-5 — Be subject to the governing authorities because they are ordained by God (v1). To resist them is to resist the ordinance of God (v2). Government punishes evildoers; do good and you need not worry (v3,4). We must obey, not just because of the wrath of the ruler, but also for conscience’ sake (v5) — i.e., because God commanded us to obey.

1 Peter 2:13,14 — Submit to civil rulers “for the Lord’s sake” — not just to avoid being caught and punished by the ruler, but to please God. This applies to all laws — from criminal laws to traffic laws — and even when we think the laws are unreasonable. We must obey or stand condemned before God.

Acts 5:29 — We disobey only when obedience to civil law would involve us in disobeying Divine law.

Now, trust me, there will come a time when Christians must disobey laws in this land that would force us to go against the word of God.  But this is not the case with getting high.  Also, other than the simple fact that you are to obey the laws of the land, there is also the fact that you are to have the mind of Christ. We are to be formed into the likeness of Christ, our thoughts are to be his thoughts, as we are to be one with Christ.

God’s word is not the only guide to living a holy life.  He also speaks through his Spirit, and that thing called intelligence.  Can you really picture Jesus Christ preaching to 5000 high as a kite,  “Blessed are those who are….wait what was I saying… how bout those fish and loaves?” No.  Jesus had to stay alert and with a clear mind so that he could preach the gospel with accuracy and potency.  You, as a follower of Christ, are called to do the same. We must stay sober minded as is instructed in God’s word:

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.
1 Peter 5:8 ESV

The cloud of THC-high does not bring us closer to God. It may feel like it for a moment, but this is a deception.  Yet another case of Satan mixing in some diluted virtue to confuse the minds of Christ’s followers. James Maynard (tool lead singer) was quoted in an interview as saying that drugs are a shortcut to spirituality, but even he admitted that there was a price, and that you become a slave to whatever drug you do.  Eventually, you will have to escape with God’s help from that slavery of addiction.  I watched my brother escape marijuana addiction, and it was one of the hardest things he has ever had to do.

But whoever did want him, who believed he was who he claimed and would do what he said, He made to be their TRUE SELVES, their child-of-God selves. John 1:12 (The Message)

God created us in His image.  We were created to be selfless, loving, wise, good, kind, compassionate, and powerful.  When my brother smoked pot everyday, he was lazy, selfish, and without motivation.  God is none of these things.  It wasn’t until I saw my brother turn into his true self, his child of god-self that I realized the effects of marijuana.  The drug had made him partially numb, and the numbness was the root of many of his negative qualities.

I have smoked weed many times in my life, and although I can look back at some of the times and laugh, a large portion of me wants to cry.  Why did I hold back from God and numb myself?  If I had drawn nearer to God during that time, how much more ground could I have gained for His kingdom?  How much more of Himself would I have had revelation of now?  Many times while I was high, I would study God’s word, talk to people about God,  or even sing praise songs.  I know that may seem silly to some of you reading this, but nonetheless it is true.  I was completely disrespecting God, and showing him through my disobedience that I did not love him.  And yet, I sang praises to him in my disobedient clouded state.  We are so deceived.

Something happened a few years later.  I ministered to a man for 4 hours one night while high/rolling on ecstacy.  I spent the next few days mourning what I had done.  I had corrupted something so beautiful.  God had been interceding so that I would tell this man about Christ.  And one night, I fell victim to one of my past addictions, and polluted the message of God.  What if I had done it God’s way?  I still mourn that night and that decision.  The girl that had a common pattern of speaking about God while high or drunk suddenly was penetrated to the core with conviction for the severity and wrongness of polluting something so pure.

We must seek truth as buried treasure.  If we are seeking truth, then we will find it.  And although we may be in sin, if we are seeking for light on that area of sin, then we are reaching for holiness, and God is able to look upon us in love.  If you are in the snares of addiction to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, or homosexuality and you are unsure of God’s truth on the matter, seek truth.  Call upon God to reveal to you not only the wrongness of sin, but the root of this sin in you.  You see, God knows you better than anyone else.   He knows every hair on your head, every cell in your body, every gene in your pool, every generational curse that has been passed down to you.  If you seek Him, if you seek truth, you will find freedom.


  1. I am not religious enough to debate the finer points of your argument, but I’d like to say a few things. Not trying to offend or anything of the sort, just discussing.

    Personally I feel that the modern religious argument against weed is only a recent creation of the last 100 years. Cannabis has been used by humans for various things for thousands of years. In fact they recently discovered 789 grams of high-potency bud in an ancient tomb dating back 2,700 years ago.
    The problem is our knowledge base surrounding it’s history along side mankind, has been greatly lost, due to our modern day hatred of it. So it is hard to say what it’s true nature is, or it’s place in religion.

    Love is love, be it while high, or while sober, God is surely smart enough, and close enough to us, to realize the intention was the same. You should not feel so bad about that part of your past, and from what I read, you are overstating your mistake and beating yourself up over a rather trivial issue. In your own words, God knows you.

    Consider maybe, he put that plant on this world for our benefit, good or bad, since a mistake can lead to a learning experience, leading to betterment, as you’ve clearly had.
    Cannabis provides rope, fabrics, paper, food, and thousands of uses and necessities of life, including recreation/relaxation. Weed is not a deception of the devil, it is yet another tool gifted to us from god. Why would Satan give us a tool with so many vast positive uses, yet one small negative that might, depending on the user, be a bad thing? He’d be doing far more good than evil, in that case. Which just doesn’t make sense. Maybe God’s intended test here, is self-learning and a lesson in responsibility and moderation.

    Yes, intoxication has bad sides, I would never debate that fact; but when done responsibly and with moderation, there is nothing inherently “evil” about being intoxicated. It is up to the responsibility of the individual, to determine whether intoxication is good or evil. Intoxication does not make mistakes for you, and at least when weed is concerned, you are not out of your own control. I think you know this from your own experiences. It does not create laziness or selfishness within us, but it may make us less capable of recognizing those features already existing in our own personalities, which we then might make the mistake of relaxing our control of. Again, the test here may be whether or not one can learn to regain sense of moderation over those factors. I admit that it brings those parts of me out too, but laziness and selfishness are more contributed to the act of relaxation, than of Marijuana. It just happens that Marijuana helps us relax, leading to those things, if we are not careful. But control is never out of reach.

    It is merely yet another tool for us to utilize every aspect of, and one of the few ways in which you may intentionally experience an altered state of thought, and a different perspective which can be weighed against our sober thoughts to maybe reach greater truths.
    All tools can be used in bad ways, that does not mean the tool was put here by Satan.

    Well anyway, I hope my comment has been coherent and as courteous as possible, instead of just a rant. I was just theorizing, so don’t take that for anything more than it’s worth. 😉
    You’ve had experiences on both sides of the issue it sounds, so I hope that helps you in life. Sounds like it has.
    Good wishes to you.

  2. Okinsama,

    You make very clear & coherent points. The fact of the matter is that doing something illegal is a sin against God, and sin separates us from God.

    Also, the bible states that we are to be sober-minded not because weed or alcohol (or whatever) is inherently bad, but because as Christians we are supposed to live as if each moment could be our last. We are required to live with urgency! This is what I was convicted of. Each moment should be a moment that I approach God with a clear mind and focused heart to know more about Him and what is on his heart.

    I actually make hemp jewelry. One of my other sites is because my nick name was hempychick before I started working at a web hosting company. I love hemp and agree with you whole-heartedly that God created marijuana. It has wonderful uses.

    I just do not believe that it should serve as a distraction or veil between God and you. If a relationship is keeping you from seeing God clearly, end it. If a habit is keeping you from seeking God with all of your heart, quit it. Anything can be sacrificed for the greater honor of serving and knowing our Lord.

    God convicts everyone at different times and in different ways. I love how he knows each one of us and how to be the perfect father.

    You say you are “not religious enough”, but a believer is a believer. We became believers to be set on fire for God. I pray that your desires ignite within you. The possession of that unique passion and excitement is one of the great advantages to living the Christian life.

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