Well, Connor and I had a great time in Tampa, Florida visiting my brother, sister-in-law, and cousin Craig. Craig and Connor were almost exactly the same age and size. We took them to a beach dog park. Connor was a little afraid of the waves at first, but Craig helped to show him the ropes.

Vacationing with Connor allowed us to spend almost every minute together. It was so wonderful! My friend commented when I got back how “attached” Connor had become to me. I had to leave him outside with my friend, James, a couple times to run into places. James commented on how he would follow me with his eyes, never taking them off of me, and wanted nothing other than to intently wait for me expectantly to return.

This made me consider what happens when we spend as much time as possible with God. Spending time with God is so pleasurable and enjoyable. We want nothing more than to gaze upon him, and to wait expectantly. Spending ample time with God guarantees one thing…that you will want more and more.

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