Unsuspend Lyrics

Unsuspend © Copyright 2006 dawn shivers – All Rights Reserved

And so he took my hand
And told me i was someone worth knowing
He caressed me with his glance
and considered parts of me important

the parts of me that mattered
had long since been forgotten
i thought i was negligible
until his words told me i wasn’t

the one who saw me clearly,
the one i pushed away
the fire that refined me
and molded me like clay

In your embrace, I feel like gold
my king,
in your gaze, a treasure to behold

worthless by the hour
the days go by,
without you i feel nothing
but your touch can still revive

I thought myself imaginary
a shell to be judged
life was only a contest
that left one bruised and smudged

And in my nonexistence,
my meaningless depiction
i longed to be something more than
a mere fraction beyond fiction

i became a trophy
only to find noone there
a prize without pursuants
defamed and beyond repair

soil of love incite that blossoming flower

extract my goodness
i knew it lay within
it was there all along
touch me;corruption unsuspend

my solace, my salve
old wounds are being healed
a new wind is stirring
and a new direction is revealed

partitions crumble
as i take flight with you
the world can’t cage me
when i’m looking from your view

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