Universal Health Care

I talked to my mom last night regarding how “universal health care” (or “socialized medicine, as Americans refer to it) would not be a positive change for our country. Having seen the documentary Sicko, I was moved to believe that universal health care would be the correct step for our country. And really, I couldn’t believe that I had ever been so blind to think otherwise. My family are all in the neo-conservative category. I am not. Each of them dismiss Michael Moore’s documentary as biased, and they each hold tightly to the rumors of a UHC nightmare that is conveyed to all Americans through the media. I couldn’t understand how most Americans view of this could be so strongly against it and more than that – afraid of it.

Because I work at a company which offers technical support to international customers, I have the opportunity to speak with Canadians, UK residents, and many European citizens. I decided to start asking about their health care. Here is the conversation I had today with one Canadian:

ME: “So, you say ‘eh’ a lot. Are you from Canada?”
Him: “I live in Canada, yes.”
ME: “Do you mind if I ask how your health care is?”
Him: “You mean like going to the doctor?
ME: “Yes.”
Him: (laugh)”Well, let me give you an example. Yesterday, my back was hurting. So, I called my doctor’s office and said, ‘hey, my back is hurting.’ The doctor’s office said that they were too busy to see me. And I told them, ‘yeah…but it is really hurting.’ So, they had me come in around 9, and I was out of there, treated, by 9:30. …And of course this was free of charge.”

I will continue updating this portion of the blog with my conversations with those residents of countries that offer free ‘universal health care’. This will give an honest account of those that are ‘victims of socialized medicine’. LOL.

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