Ultimate Blog Party 2013 – Lauren with RunHoly

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

I’m creating this post for the Ultimate Blog Party 2013. Hi! Welcome!  My name is Lauren, and this is my blog is RunHoly.com.  I’ve had this blog for almost 10 years.  You can look over it and see this journey of life.  Things change so much!  Right now? I’m a Christian wife and mom.  I write about the challenges of life along with fitness, nutrition, current events, bible study, and just application to faith and theology in my daily life.  Recently, I’ve been focusing on fast recipes, losing postpartum weight, study of Grace, and our “alone” walk with God.  I would love to link up with friends that have similar interests (or very different!).

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    1. Retha, I’m having the hardest time getting that set up. I normally just have subscribe to comments. What do you use?

  1. HI Lauren! I have just gotten into running in the last year. I am not always the best with it, but it has been a big blessing in my life. 🙂 Glad to meet you.

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