Twilight the Movie: a Christian debate

Twilight the Movie

So, ever since Underworld with Kate Beckinsale, I have been a big fan of vampire romances. The other night I was reading the book Twilight, and my mom who was raised Southern Baptist, made a comment.

“Do you really think you need to be reading that? I mean…being a Christian. Isn’t that about…*long pause* Vampires?”

I asked her why this would go against my Christian beliefs, and she stated the facts that vampires were immortal and/or dead. This made me stop and think. Is there something in the bible that would discourage me from taking pleasure in reading about these characters that are, in my mind, similar to super heroes or other fictional characters with special powers.

I gave this a lot of thought. The Bible encourages us to take matters such as this under consideration. I do not believe that vampires, specifically and personally, are something that I need to regard as anti-christian. I mean, it would depend on the individual. If an individual begins idolizing vampires, then of course this would be wrong and opposing of our beliefs. There is another show that I watch, and I hate to admit it. This show is called True Blood. This is another show about vampires with a profound undertone in regards to prejudice and discrimination. The acting is terrible, and the show doesn’t give a moment’s pause to showcasing sex, drugs, and violence. Now, do I feel the Bible would discourage me from giving warrant to this work of fiction featuring vampires? Absolutely, but it has nothing to do with the vampires.

True Blood HBO show

It all comes down to whatever is true, whatever is good, whatever is pure… those are the things that we are to give our attention and time to. The majority of our time should be given to God and using our time to become more Christ like. Admittedly, I waste so much time on entertainment that should be God’s. But, I do not feel that the Twilight series books/movie or any other vampire movie should be condemned by Christianity solely for one of it’s main characters.

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