Trusting God

Well, it’s day 2 of my first 40 day fast.  This day is usually the hardest. Being unemployed has helped because I can spend hours in undistracted devotion to God, in worship, prayer, and studying His word.  It’s a rare opportunity.  Because of my recent car wreck, my bills have been so greatly reduced that it has alloted me some time to BE STILL and use this season to prepare for what God has for me next.   The call to a 40 day fast also cuts out any food cost.  Funny.

I’ve spent the last couple weeks applying frantically to tons of places.  Now, it’s time to slow down, use the time to draw nearer to God, and to trust Him.  As I have applied to jobs, I’ve felt the weight of my mistakes. I was kicked out of the military because I got into some trouble and wound up with a DUI and multiple other felonies.   Add to that, I did not finish my college degree.  It seems the deck is stacked against me and there is no hope.   As I began feeling this way, God reminded me of Job 38-40, and ALL that HE is.  Who am I to doubt the God that does all this?  I cannot begin to fathom the power of this Creator that molded the earth like clay, and yet I doubt his strength to shape my life.

When we focus on His nature rather than the events that are going on in our lives, it reminds us that He is always FAITHFUL.  We must trust God for who He is not what He does. He has told me that HE is my hope no matter what happens.  My life is going to be spectacular!  I am going to be used by God and sent my God.  He does not give me desires that He will not satisfy.  I will wait for Him expectantly as He cuts out my path beautifully.

I cannot live by bread alone; so, I am waiting on the Lord.

The Purpose of this Fast:

  • Freedom from fear through increased trust in Him through a greater revelation of Who He is
  • Real encounter: a new reality in prayer and worship.  To truly feel the presence and reality of God when I speak and worship Him
  • Breakthrough for those that I love and have prayed for:

*  Ignite the fire and passions of their first love.  A thirst for righteousness that cannot be ignored.

*  Salvation: That those that are on the edge of decision would be pushed over to accepting the Truth, Jesus

  • Reconciliation of broken relationships because of misunderstanding and pride
  • Maturity of the church, His bride

By the way, check out this music from the prayer room of IHOP ALSO, if you have time, listen to some of these teachings from different teachers and pastors. I really enjoyed those by Neville Johnson.  It might be because of the accent, though. * *Oh God, if it’s Your will I marry, let it be a man with an accent!!”**  🙂


    1. That’s a great question. There are seasons when I need breakthrough. These are times that I need to draw nearer to God and want God to answer me in mighty ways. These are times that I choose to do a personal fast. God will bring curiosity at first, then as a fasting pattern is developed in your life, He will bring a thought. Usually I’m sad to say, I will try to ignore the thought for a little while. Eventually I stop procrastinating, and ask God what kind of fast He would like me to do. When I asked Him how long this fast should be, I came across a Lou Engle teaching that specifically talked about the amazing power of a 40-day fast with testimony.

      If you are asking this question, then God is awakening a desire to fast. Here are some links and materials that will help you:
      IHOP Fasting Guidelines
      IHOP Statement on Fasting
      Rewards of Fasting book

      There are scriptures in those articles and books to go along with Jesus’ desire that we fast. If your church does a corporate fast, be sure and take part in that. It really unites the body of Christ. Make sure to prepare for the fast you choose (link). The first 10 times I fasted I did not prepare, just jumped into it. It makes it harder. If you are going to fast a few day s(water/ water & bread/daniel fast) cut out caffeine and sugar at least. Ugh. Those are the hardest parts! 🙂

      I gotta run. Maybe I will write a post on my experience with fasting, but it’s hard to put into words the spiritual benefits that God gives when we choose to obey Him in fasting. Pray about it, and I’m sure God will give you all you need to do this. Let me know if there is anything else you want to know specifically. You can always call me too if you wanna talk about it. Just lemme know and I’ll email you my number!

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