Touching a Generation with Dissatisfaction

Last week, on the treadmill, I had a vision. In the vision, it was a dark nightclub or rave. All of these men and women were dressed in black. The girls were were wearing very short black dresses. And there was a feel of darkness in the club and a look of vacancy on the faces of the dancers.

Then I saw a hand of light come and touch them on their chest. When it did this, their whole chest cavity was filled with light. (The individuals eyes became wide & mouths fell open in amazement). One by one, this continued until about 10-20% of the group had light pouring out of them upward towards the huge hand. Then one by one, they turned. They turned slowly and dramatically 180% toward a great light.

This is what I got from God about the vision:

God is now touching a generation with dissatisfaction. Satan will use this to entice to worldly lusts & pleasures. Problem is most of us have already tasted these other waters & will quickly turn away time & time again until we are only left with Living Water, everlasting God. This has already begun & it’s big.

Now that generation will look like it is escalating in compromise & weakness. But His strength is made perfect in weakness. He will heal our unfaithfulness. He breaks so that he can bind.

The enemy is going to play into his hand by causing this people to very quickly turn not only in solidified repentance but with voracious awakened hunger. God’s response to unified, intense hunger?


Even now, individuals across the globe are feeling the beginnings of this move of God. A pain deep within. Discontentment. Longing. It grips our heart. And the reason/source can’t be identified. Each day it grows stronger and feels like a silent scream that can’t be muzzled. Nothing we do touches the pain. It’s like a craving that u can’t identify.

It’s begun. His return is on the horizon. And like a master chess player, he’s making the moves that will guarantee the board.

Verses that I got with this vision:

…for it is light that makes everything visible. This is why it is said: “Wake up, O sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you. Eph 5:14

Then the angel who talked with me returned and wakened me, as a man is wakened from his sleep.  Zech 4:1

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  1. Been feeling this for a long while. So I’m not alone and havent lost my dearest possession. His presence. Thanks for this.?,,

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