Top Resources – Winter 2016/17

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I know most people don’t have the hunger or time to seek out excellent resources. So I like to collect them and post them here for others. These are the resources out of the hundreds I’ve listened to in the last several months that made the most impact.

Endtime Ministries | End of the Age Irvin Baxter podcast Comes on every day of the week.

Heaven Awaits the Bride audio

Relationship with God looks like a relationship with you.

New Canaan Society DC Weekend [youtube playlist]

Anatomy of hunger

Spiritual Depression by Martyn Lloyd Jones

Ken Hamm One Race

Ken Hamm Great Delusion

Brian Simmons 7 Spirits

Ian Clayton 7 spirits

Kevin Zadai after-death experience.

7 mountains by Lance Wallnau

Bakker recording of Dr. Lance Wallnau

Hope, The Anchor of the Soul

Pursuing God Sermon Series by Billy Humphrey (especially 2 & 3)

Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis

School of Obedience by Andrew Murray

Absolute Surrender

Establishing the Gate of Your Will by AllThingsRestored

The Kat Kerr Project [YouTube Playlists]

Prophetic Soaking Music

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