V-Day Weekend

So, Friday night I went to see Mathew West and Sanctus Real- two bands that I’m not that into as they are more along the lines of pop music. It turned out to be a really fun time. One of my friends works security and gave me and my friend free tickets. My friend, who is also a photographer, took this amazing pic:

Sanctus Real

I can say one thing. Every Christian concert that I have attended of recent affirms one fact. Christian bands are infinitely better live. Not only the quality of the sound, but the interaction with passionate Christians worshiping God. The lead singer of Sanctus Real was one of the nicest guys… really. All the kids at the front were brought into the show by the singer constantly giving them high fives, hand shakes, bringing them on stage, even taking their video camera up on stage with him and filming the other members up close while they were performing. Very cool.

During intermission, I decided to sponsor a child for World Vision (Africa). I was very moved by the alarming state of that country. I will write more about this during my later posts. The call for volunteers coincided with my pastor’s call to reach out to the poor, and I have been actively praying for God to bring more volunteer opportunities into my life during these years of singleness where I can give as much of my time as possible.

After the concert, I did a covert mission for one of the guys that work for me. He ordered something off my jewelry site for his wife, and wanted me to put it in his mailbox to surprise her when she checks the mail in the morning (V-day). Much to my dismay, when I pulled up to his house, I found all the lights-a-burnin’. Even more unnerving, the mailbox was one of those boxes by the front door. Somehow, with my friends help for I am far from James Bond-material, we managed to pull of discretion without a hitch. I’ll find out Monday how the surprise went over.

Valentine’s Day, I went on a Sushi Date with two of my guy friends.  Because of the crowds, we ended up going to a new sushi place just a few miles away from my regular spot: Sakura.  It was wonderful.  Then, since I lacked a Valentine, I bought Connor a cute love monkey (no comment).  The monkey is a puppet and sings “why do birds suddenly appear…” when you move it’s mouth.  Connor is petrified of the thing.  Oh well.  I was never good at picking V-day presents, being completely romantically-challenged.

Saturday, I worked all day on marketing and inventory for my online jewelry store. The bridal and amber jewelry came in, and it is all GOrgeous. I had an idea for an ad that I discussed with J. , and he commented that it may conflict with my beliefs. The ad was a well-done, nude model wearing only jewelry such as several sets of pearl necklaces, earrings, rings, anklet, etc. And the ad would say “All You Really Need is Jewelry”. I mean the statement on the ad would conflict more than the ad itself probably. From a marketing perspective “All You Really Need is Jesus” doesn’t really sell a lot of jewelry, ya know? J. feels that the “Christians” at my church that visit my site may be offended due to their close-mindedness. (His words) Who knows…I thought it was an excellent ad idea.

I stayed up too late on Saturday night for no apparent reason. Time can really escape you if you are not careful. You really have to be careful in everything that you do just as Proverbs says. Go figure.

Sunday, I overslept. It’s been months since I missed a Sunday of church, and I always hate that. But alas, around 1130, I went to get breakfast ingredients. Eggs, bacon, biscuits, and gravy. I made a big enough breakfast to feed 5, and J. and I split it. Soon after that, my mom offered to buy me Olive Garden. So, I grabbed my dog Connor and headed to C-ville. I had a piece of Tiramisu and a wonderful espresso. Then we headed to Pet’s Mart.

At Pet’s Mart, I ran into a lady that runs an animal rescue. We had a long discussion on the lack of donations to charities such as dog rescues, and the tragedy of puppy mills and rescue situations. I offered to start helping her during my weekends, and possibly to foster (I’m still trying to convince my roommate, J). Afterwards, we headed to the bookstore, and I had a great idea. J takes great photos of dogs as shown by my favorite photo of Connor, below:
Ballad of a Dog's Life.

and this one:
The Eve.

Anyway, he could take photos of her rescued dogs, and I will make them into a calendar with the profits going to her shelter. The idea had to be God-inspired. And the opportunity for another volunteer effort falls into my lap in response to my prayer. Isn’t God wonderful?

I met a new friend at the bookstore who attends Murray (and resembles the lead singer of Keane…), and studies aspects of Christianity that I have trouble wrapping my mind around. Here is a link to his blog if you are curious.
Nicene Truth

Connor and I just got back from a run. I’m ashamed to admit how long it’s been since we have been running. I have an early meeting in the morning. Have a great week!


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