'The Truth': Barack Obama depicted as Jesus

obamaElijah Friedeman, the Millennial Perspective

The Truth. That’s the title of a painting by Michael D’Antuono that is going to be unveiled in New York City’s Union Square April 29th, Obama’s hundreth day as president. The painting, which depicts Obama with his arms outstretched and wearing a crown of thorns upon his head, isn’t the first picture that depicts Obama as a messiah, but it is the most blatant portrayal of Obama as Jesus.

The artist claims that the painting is open to “individual interpretations”, but the outstretched hands and the crown of thorns on Obama’s head don’t leave a lot of room for interpretation. The title of the painting also is rather unnerving. It’s not absolutely clear why D’Antuono entitled the piece “The Truth”, but the press release for the painting said that “‘The Truth,’ like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder”.

Truth is in the eyes of the beholder? This is the problem with our culture and with our world today. People think that truth is relative, that truth can be decided on a personal level. Nothing could be less true. There is one Truth, one Savior of the world and His name is Jesus Christ. No political figure, no party affiliation, no moral code can save you. Only a relationship with the true Messiah will save you.

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  1. um can someone say forerunner for the antichrist or antichrist himself. this painting makes me wanna throw up.

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