Tearing Down Monuments

Tearing Down Monuments

This is a very interesting topic for me. Not because these recent events are  particularly interesting but the motives  and rationale are intriguing. I see both sides of the argument and am pulled to both sides.

These racial issues are like that aren’t they? As they should be. In Christ, we are all one race and genetically all just different shades of brown. So of course, we would all feel “torn”.

But aside from that, it’s also intriguing because of my past.

Embracing Dark Times

You see I spent a year in jail. It was a terrible time. The year or so before that was pretty awful too.  I was enslaved to sin and distractive habits and then caged in a county jail. It was a terrible season. But it was a stepping stone to the life I love now. A life filled with redheaded treasures.

I don’t think I would’ve been here where I am now without that season of my life. I wouldn’t want to erase that whole season of my life. I wouldn’t want to pretend that it didn’t happen.

And just the opposite some of my sweetest  Times with the Lord I remembering  how he loved and cared for me through those dark times.  It causes deep worship to arise.  So I embrace the darkness times. I don’t despise them.

There was a time that humanity was a slave to sin.  We were under the law.  But even god did not erase the old testament. As he could have.  We embrace the old testament because it points to the New Testament.

The Other Side…

Now from an American history standpoint, I’m ignorant. I have little idea the significance of these men with monuments erected in their name. So it seems s probably a lot more complex than I’m making it, but…

I had a journal from that dark time. It contained a lot of terrible dark poetry, song lyrics… suicidal demonic stuff. I threw it away. I didn’t need that around. I didn’t need that reminder.

If a monument brings shame and bondage, it is loving and kind to remove it.

There were times that God commanded in the old testament that his people and kings tear down erected monuments. Now these were usually monuments erected toward demonic Gods and used for worship or sacrifices.

Again, probably more complicated than I’m making it, but just saying “tearing down monuments” has a biblical basis as well.


So what do you think?  Are these monuments something that is a reminder that causes pain?  Or a dark season that we have triumphed over that we should embrace ?


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