Studying Hosea: Return

Come let us return to the Lord.  He has torn us to pieces, but he will heal us; he has injured us, but he will bind up our wounds.  Hosea 6:1

Returning to the Lord is never easy.  The enemy would deceive us to think that it is impossible.  Through all of our adultery, we put more distance between ourselves and God.  So, we step more and more outside of the protection of God.  We dance outside of the will of God and are blinded to the fact that we are robbing ourselves of our destiny.  Every moment that we live outside of our eternal purpose is a moment to be mourned.  I have many of these moments.  As I look back, I wonder:where would I be now? How powerful would my ministry be if I had heeded God’s call at the first moment.  And although He has indeed healed me and bound up my wounds, I still have the scars of so many self-inflicted injuries.  I urge anyone who thinks that God is too far away, anyone that thinks they have done too many despicable things, return to God.  For in the end, you will look back and regret the moments that you did not walk in the center of God’s will.

After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will restore us that we may live in his presence. Hosea 6:2

Wow.  Hosea certainly was a prophet  that had his ear to the heart of God. This prophecy clearly points to the process of restoring all people to God through Christ.  The death and resurrection of Christ also paints a picture of the cycle of sin.   He will allow sin to beat up on us, torture us, nearly destroy us, and then he restores us.  After we have done it our way, God restores us so that we can do it His way.

The good news is that he not only restores us, but then-restored- we begin to rise up and walking with authority and power.  We can look back and say, “At one time, I was wounded and weak, but now I have ALL authority and power and my finger tips.”  It is an amazing realization that we are not only restored but living in the very presence of God.  The creator of the universe is closer than your breath.  The controller of all things, money, nations, government is close enough to hear your smallest whimper.

Let us acknowledge the Lord; let us press on to acknowledge him.  Hosea 6:3

The first step is to acknowledge that God is there.  He has always been there.  (Reminds me of this song.)  He has been watching and waiting for your return.  He knows the very fiber and genetics that make you-YOU.    Although stubbornness or what you think is intelligence or ignorance or defiance has blinded you, hindered you, He has been right there never changing always waiting.

Once you make this step, the next step is to press in…press on to acknowledge Him. God wants to be acknowledged in everything that you do.  He wants everything that you do to be for His glory.  He is the only one that understands the full capacity of his glory.  He is the only one that has the capacity to understand this notion.  He is selfish, but is the only being in which selfishness is not a sin.  Because God’s selfishness is obeying the first commandment.  God has no other gods before Him, and he loves himself with all of his heart, soul, mind, and strength.

But at the same time, he loves you with his heart, soul, mind, and strength.  As I get older, it is so amazing how much I have grown to know myself.  As this happens, I grow to love many things about myself.  Can you imagine God, who is the embodiment of love and goodness, who is also timeless?  He knows himself and loves himself, and He knows that it is in this “knowing” that we will fall more in love with Him.  Also, a wonderful side effect, is that as we begin to know him more deeply, we see ourselves through the eyes of God.  This enables us to love ourselves even more which then, in turn, allows us to love others in a more authentic and deep way.

What an amazing circle!  We can come from brokenness to wholeness.  Through returning to God, we can fall more in love with God, ourselves, and fellow man.

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  1. Hi Lauren,
    I love your posts. They are very thoughtful and full of insight. Thank you for writing them!

    I missed you yesterday. I hope you are feeling well. Bless you and maybe we can get together next Sunday? Love to you today!


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