Speeding in Atlanta

Don’t speed in Atlanta. I mean it. Just don’t do it. This especially pertains to you if you do not live in the state of Georgia. On my way to visit my brother in Florida, I had to pass through Atlanta. Everyone around me was doing somewhere between 80 and too incredibly fast. Myself? I was doing about 81 to try not to get run over. Next thing I know, a cop is behind me on a motorcycle. He is asking ME to pull over. I about died when he told me I was driving in a 55 MPH zone!!! On top of that, I was doing 81.

I didn’t call about my ticket until today. My heart sank and my breath was stolen when the call representative told me the amount that needed to be paid for this citation. Get ready for this…


That’s Five hundred seventy-nine dollars and sixty cents!!!

Seriously, I almost died. It made for a very bad day when I realized that the state of Georgia was going to make it difficult for me to afford to eat. I may look for a way to avoid this city in the future, and I would caution for others to do the same.

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