Solutions and Treatments for Vulvar Varicosities

treatment for vulvar varicosities

Solutions and Treatments for Vulvar Varicosities (During Pregnancy)

The Art of Losing Myself and the Painfully Pregnant Pause

Before I discuss the solutions for vulvar varicose veins, I wanted to briefly discuss my own personal struggle with this issue of pressure and pain.  If you just want the goods, feel free to skip down to the Solutions and Treatments section.

… Pregnancy has become a painful time for me. Now on my third, I’m pretty sure it will be my last just because I don’t want the bottom to fall out (specifically my bottom to fall out). It started at the end of my first with an inguinal hernia, what a surgeon told me was a sports hernia. Other docs told me that I had weak ligaments down there further weakened by multiple pregnancies and the role of pregnancy hormones. Then with this pregnancy came the wretched pressure and pain of what doctors call vulvar varicosities which are varicose veins in your lady parts. I don’t even look down there anymore. But the most unpleasant part isn’t the way it looks but the pain and pressure which increases as my baby and uterus increase in size. The only relief I have found is laying down. This has been sort of depressing to me since I love to be active and feel I will have to spend the next 3 months in a horizontal position.

During my prayer time this morning, I was just telling God how I feel about pregnancy. It wouldn’t be so awful if I didn’t have to completely lose myself. All that makes me – me. All that I love..(Okay that’s an exaggeration but a lot of things that make me, me, and a lot of things that I love.)  I mean I love to stay active, walk everywhere I possibly can, have fun challenging workouts every day, have sex with my husband, keep a clean house, make creative healthy meal plans, grocery shop, and make those creative healthy meals, take my girls to the playground, spend time at night with my husband after the kids go to bed, drink wine, eat sushi, have clear thoughts, take ADD medicine.  These are things that I love to do, that are usually a part of my daily life.  But during most of my pregnancy, this all has to be put on hold.

This may seem a little off topic, but it has to do with what God said to me.  So, my husband showed me this video last night:
Global Warming Debate – Ted Cruz

Okay, so it doesn’t have much to do with this debate (other than the global warming I’m experiencing within my own pregnant body!), but it is pretty funny…and God used something, one thing they had said.

God merely said, “pregnant pause”.  He was kind enough to say only this.  I’m sure that He saw in my thoughts all the scripture that was backing up the fact that I was declaring pregnancy a time of “losing myself” and based on scripture, how holy and wondrous a season it must be.  I think I would have stuck my tongue out at Him if He had said anything along those lines.  But He reminded me, it’s not for very long, it’s merely a “pause”.  He said, “Lauren, you are so often in fast forward or rewind.  Sometimes it is good to just pause, not even play, just pause.”


So from that healthy spiritual place that He brought me into like He does (for a moment, until I break down in tears and start complaining to Him again…thank God He is patient), I wanted to write a post for those that are struggling with pain and pressure of pregnancy that you may not want to talk about to anyone.


Solutions and Treatments for Vulvar Varicosities During Pregnancy

Here are some of the SOLUTIONS and TREATMENTS that I have found from scouring the internet for what worked for others.  Unfortunately it’s not much, but there may be something to help you. It seems from reading others’ experiences that you just have to keep trying solutions until you find the one that brings you relief.

Number One:  This V2 supporter belt.  This seems to be what very many women have said helped them.  Apparently it needs to be tight so order the size according to your weight despite reviews that would suggest otherwise. There are over 300 reviews on Amazon, and most of them very positive.  Also, across the interwebs In blog and article comments, this is the item that most women are talking about as a sort-of solution to VV. I am ordering this today right after I return “number two” on my list, and I will update with my results.

Number TwoBaby Belly Band Abdominal Belt and Compression Groin Bands I am returning this because the relief that it provided was not equal to or better than the discomfort or inconvenience of wearing the thing. Plus, I already feel like a fat cow and it is cumbersome and squeezes parts of my body into an even more unattractive figure.  The bands just simply do not apply enough pressure to the groin area to relieve very much of the pain and pressure of the veins and hernia.


Number ThreeSRC Pregnancy Shorts. I may result to this, but due to the cost I am going to try the V2 belt first.  But that said,  these have received reviews that claim that they are life-changing and relieve pain to the point that you can return back to exercise and normal activity (which is alluring to me)

Here are some of those reviews for the SRC shorts

Supplements for V.V.

Number 4:
This was recommended by a midwife. Most of the reviews on Amazon are talking about relief for sinus issues and congestion, but it’s so inexpensive, it may be worth a try.  Another is  homeopathic hamamelis virginiana 9C.  Here is an article that talks about many natural remedies for vv (like yoga, acupuncture, and chiropractic) including homeopathic supplements.


Number FiveWitch Hazel Compress I have not found many reviews or comments that mention this as a solution that brought relief to pain.  But again, it’s cheap enough that it’s worth a shot.  And if it doesn’t bring you relief for vv, you could always just use them for your face.


Number Six:  Essential Oils for Varicose Veins You may need to talk to an essential oil consultant, nurse, or midwife on where it is and isn’t safe to rub essential oils, but here is a link that discusses which oils are good for treatment of varicose veins. The article suggest using these oils by adding it to water either warm or cool and alternating warm/cool compresses. Also, warm baths with oils added and massaging directly on affected area (see my previous comment on this).  The oils suggested for shrinking were Cypress and Juniper which may be good for the embarrassment factor, but I’m mostly interested in pain relief. Here are the oils that are listed for SOOTHING:

  1. Geranium: this is the brand that I use. Much cheaper and works just as well in my experience of the other oils.
  2.  Yarrow
  3.  Lemon
  4.  Rosemary

Number Seven: Vein Health Support This has the best reviews out of all the supplements that you take orally. All of the ingredients in it are the nutrients ,  plants, and herbs that I kept coming across in my research.  Also, this isn’t too expensive for a month’s supply.


Number Eight: Other treatments include…

Ice and Elevate:  Use a cool compress when you are able to bring relief.  And also when you lay down, lay on your left side (to take pressure off veins, left side works best), and prop a pillow under your hips to elevate them.

Other articles and blog sources on Vulvar Varicosities:

Vulvar Varicosities

Treatment of vulvar and perineal varicose veins

Here is a forum post with women discussing what worked for them and v.v. during labor

Some good news please?

The good news is that it seems these usually do not cause problems during delivery and go away right after birth.  If they don’t, there are some treatment options where doctors perform a tiny, short surgery and place coils within the veins.  Many women that commented about having this procedure done had great things to say, but there was the testimony of one woman where the coil came loose and became life-threatening. So…if you get to a point post partum where they are not going away, you may ask your doctor about options.


Please, please feel free to comment on what helped you.  It may help the next woman reading this.  And thank you very much to the women writers of the blogs linked above for being open, honest, and vocal on this topic.


****Update: I am using two different braces.  One is the gabriella pregnancy belt and the other is a hernia belt I bought at a medical store.  I believe this hernia belt is pretty much equivalent. I also wear workout shorts like these UNDERNEATH all of the braces, over my underwear to prevent chafing (<–highly recommend doing this) The result?  Last week, in addition to working and general housework and baby/toddler-care, I was able to go for a one mile stroller walk to the playground with my girls twice. And yesterday, I went for a glorious 40 minute, 2 mile walk.  I felt somewhat like a stuffed sausage, BUT I had zero additional pain in the evening.  Hope this helps someone out there! It is great to be able to go walking again!!!***

BTW!!! I’ve started a workout program with BeachBody called PiYo and it feels incredible during this point in my pregnancy.  Here is a a link to an 8 week free printable Piyo Workout Calendar. I highly recommend this workout to anyone pregnant.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I only just learned about vulvar VV when I delivered my second child 3 days ago and had a vein in my labia burst ? I’m ordering one of those V2 belts ASAP!

  2. I developed VV during my second pregnancy and they are the worst!!! I get pain again the first two days of my cycle since it started back PP. I know I want another baby but I’m honestly terrified of how debilitating VV is. It feels unfair to my other two kids to have a mom that can’t activitely play, walk, cook, etc without sitting/laying down most of the day. I wrestle and ask God about how He will sustain me and my family during that season and if it is even worth having another babe. Which is silly because I know I would say it was worth it as soon as I have a baby in my arms, but the fear of the pain for 9 months is SCARY. Everything you shared about feeling like it took away what made you, you is right on. Thanks for sharing, it helps me feel way less alone when this is something that almost nobody has even heard of, let alone struggle with!

    1. Cassie,

      I can tell you something that helped me this 4th pregnancy (I miscarried at 13 weeks) was pilates and yoga. I limited my workouts to this other than leisurely/slow easy walks. This really limited the ligament pain that starts early on. I’m not sure if it would have continued throughout the entire pregnancy. But I definitely felt little to no pain by cutting out all impact and cardio. I also did not gain any weight and maintained good mental clarity, balance, and energy that working out provides me. I’m wrestling with something similar as I miscarried and really don’t every want to go through anything painful like that again. So, pregnancy seems like a risk to me. But I also see now what a gift a healthy pregnancy is now. I would be thankful now for the pain of vv because it would mean a healthy baby was still growing inside me. So glad my post made you feel less alone. Loved hearing from you and I will pray for you now to have wisdom for the future and His love to cast out all fear.


  3. Thank you for this! I had VV with my second child and now they are back with a vengeance with number 3 (and I’m only 13 weeks. Yikes!). I have the v2 but I feel like I need more help “holding the veins up” if you know what I mean. I saw the update you posted about the two braces you’re using and the shorts- is that enough to help with your VV? I don’t have a hernia so I’m not sure if a waist brace alone would help enough. I was going to by the baby belly band that you returned so thank you for the heads up on it!

    1. Amazon has a great return program. It’s super easy. So, you might think about just trying stuff out and see what works. Something else that helped me was to focus on Pilates and Yoga during pregnancy. My cardio I turned into super easy workouts like walking the dog or leisurely walks with my girls. I think any impact or strenuous cardio (even faster walking, slow jogging) caused my vv and ligament pain to flare up. Hope this helps!

  4. This is my third pregnancy with vv’s and I have found, in addition to compression hose, water and walking, seeing a chiropractor helps tremendously. I think I wouldn’t be upright and moving if it weren’t for him.

    1. This 👆🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼. Yesssah! If you can’t afford it or need to stretch the time between visits I found a foam roller to be incredibly useful to get stuff back in line. This is the one I have: Foam roller

      Also something else I got for back pain & later to induce labor is also used by my chiropractor is a tens unit. Here is the one I have Tens Unit

  5. I kist had my 4th baby 4 weeks ago.
    I am a V.V. Pro. And mine are “severe” according to doctors.

    The v2…yes. Get it. Get 2 wear them all the time. Helped a ton.
    Is it worth the pain…yes. It goes away every time. This time it took a week or 2 for it to totally disappear.
    If it dosent disappear doctors han give you a shot with solution to turn the vein into a scar and eliminate the vein.
    Have the baby… Wear the brace.

    And as for sex? Have him give you a 30 min foot rub the vein will go away so you can play a bit and you get a footrub. Win win

    Oh!!! And kt tape… LOTS of it. Takes the pressure off of belly and back. You tube it. KTTAPE pregnancy

  6. So just to clarify… you wore the 2 support belts instead of the v2 supporter or the highly rated compression shorts?

    I have spd and vv (this is my 4th in 5 years…) and I’m 30 wks along. I would pay any amount of money to not experience debilitating pain 🙂 haha

    1. Yes! I’m sorry you’re going through that. It’s awful. Play mostly goes away almost as soon as you have a baby. I would also suggest these kegel exercise weights for after you are recovered. I would feel some intense pressure during periods that was similar to vv during pregnancy until I started using these. Kegel exercise weights

  7. It’s not easy to talk about topics like this one, so I applaud you for sharing this info! Glad to read the update and see that things are improving.

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