Reflection of the Son

prayerAs I sat in prayer by the waters edge, I remarked on the beauty depicted before me.  Before time began and as earth was woven together, God, the embodiment of all knowledge and power, knew that I would choose in this moment to submit myself in thought and prayer.   He knew that I would be humbled and emptied by fasting.  He knew that as I gazed on his beauty, his creation that I would feel his presence envelope me.  He knew that I would love the way he created water to have the properties of reflection- the majestic way that it reflects the sun.

He has made man to have these same reflective properties.  What an honor, that as I submit to Him, and am not hardened like ice, that he causes me to reflect the character of Him.  He showed me what this character looks like by His earthly impartation, however inapprehensible this truth seems by the confined human mind.  As I acquesce to His leading, I find myself becoming a reflection of the son.  Each day is another day that I am in transformation yielding strength and increase in the traits that God has revealed are in his nature and character.  Who can say that… really?

As I took a moment to speak with my friend in the middle of the night, I was reminded of the girl that I used to be.  Friends that have known me for only a couple years take time to point out the remarkable way that my character has developed.  The qualities that they unknowingly remark on are the fruits of the spirit.  I am being taken from that weak girl and molded into the image of God, Christ.

Although I have moments of disbelief and I question the requirement of faith in an unseen God, I cannot doubt what this systematic process produces in me.  I am becoming a reflection of the Son in all His glory and beauty.

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