Raising Daughters: How Daughters Bring Healing

raising daughters: how daughters bring healing

Raising Daughters How Daughters Bring Healing

Raising daughters how daughters bring healing to my heart…Every day she grows more beautiful. And I care less & less about my own beauty. She is my beauty. She has become my beauty. My love for her is my beauty.

I was terrified when I found out I was going to have a girl. “Why would God do this to me?” I thought. But now… She is my healing. She washes me daily. If I have all daughters, 5 of them, and no matter what they do or do to me, I would never wish it any other way. I thank God for His wisdom and sovereignty.

I’ve let go of a beauty fleeting and I’m grabbing hold of a beauty eternal. I feel it: a shift inside. Like when the winds change directions at the end of the season. It’s like I’m letting go of one rope I’ve been tugging on for years and laying hold of another that instead longs to pull me.

My daughters, my balm of Gilead. Like an ocean of healing wave after wave, day after day, my Lord and my God uses you to make me whole, perfect…beauty. And may he always. Come what may.

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  1. I felt the same way 32 years ago. Observing my daughter look at my granddaughter is so amazing. When your face shows how you are ravished by your daughters’ beauty – you are more beautiful than ever!

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