Quiet Hour – D.L. Moody

=September 29th.=

_This is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. 1 John v. 4._
The world conquers me when it succeeds in hindering me from seeing,
loving, holding communion with, and serving my Father, God. I conquer it
when I lay my hand upon it and force it to help me to get nearer Him, to
get more like Him, to think oftener of Him, to do His will more gladly
and more constantly. The one victory over the world is to bend it to
serve me in the highest things–the attainment of a clearer vision of
the divine nature, the attainment of a deeper love to God Himself, and a
more glad consecration and service to Him. That is the victory–when you
can make the world a ladder to lift you to God. When the world comes
between you and God as an obscuring screen, it has conquered you. When
the world comes between you and God as a transparent medium you have
conquered it. To win victory is to get it beneath your feet and stand
upon it, and reach up thereby to God.–_Alex. McLaren._

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