Psalm 69 Prayer

Look upon your child. God, I need your eyes on me.  I long for your gaze.  Here I stand in the middle of a desert parched for a drink, yet drowning in rising waters, foot searching for a foothold.  Where is my rock? Jesus, where are you in the midst of this? Every time my toe finds a resting place, it is snatched from me.  Do not let me be put to shame. You said “Seek My face” and I responded “Your face, Lord, will I seek.” I want to stay focused on Your eyes.  But my eyes are filling with tears from a broken heart.  You said “Blessed are the broken.  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.” My spirit is contrite within me. I am thirsty, God, for You… the Living Water. Draw near me, God. Open up heaven and come near me. In this moment where nothing else matters.  I will remember this moment for eternity, Father, if you just COME NEAR…if you just come near and BE WITH ME.     You are worthy of my tears and my trust. Just be near me! Your presence is what I desire.  I need it more than my next breath.  My heart burns within me.   I am become a stranger unto my brethren and an alien unto my mother’s children. Zeal for your house has consumed me, I have borne reproach for your sake.   Answer me quickly God.  Speak your words to my heart.  They silence the doubt and the lies.  Oh God! Who is like you? Even in the midst of drowning, I will choke on your praises.  Though my world may crumble, I will never let you go.  You are the God who stays, the lifter of my head.   You are my redeemer and worthy of all praise and sacrifice.

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