Protecting Marriage: Proposition 8

As Prop0sition 8’s oral arguments before the California Supreme court come to a close, we begin the 90 day waiting period.  Please include this topic in your prayers.  Here is a quote that struck me today, and I wanted to share it with you…

“My graduate studies are in historical theology and the history of the church.  On rare occasions, there come ‘tipping points,’ times which, when viewed later, proved to be the ‘hinges’ of history.  All historians recognize them a half century later.  But the key is for discerning persons to recognize them as they are happening, and then respond appropriately.

“We are at one of those moments.  This is THE major change point of the last few decades.  While the abortion issue is a foundational issue, the marriage definition issue is a survival issue.  No single social issue has threatened to forever muzzle Bible believing Christians like this contest.

“If we lose on this one, the culture loses.  One person has astutely observed that ’we cannot win the culture war merely on Prop 8, but we can lose it on Prop 8.’

“It is imperative that all pastors and Christian leaders view this for what it is: an irretrievable moment, with profound and lasting consequences.  We must vigorously support Prop 8, as if our ministries and our lives depend on it.  Ultimately, they will.”

-Dr. Jim Garlow
Senior Pastor
Skyline Wesleyan Church
La Mesa, CA
Leader, CA Pastors Rapid Response Team


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