Pro-Life: The Great Deception

Abortion: Dividing Instead of Uniting Christians

As far as the abortion issue, I do not know anyone that is pro-abortion. But many would say that we do not want to give the government the right over our bodies. Once we do this, the government would have the right to order us to murder our children. They would have the right to limit the sex of children that we were allowed to have or limit the number. Christians talk about the “spirit of herod”. Pharoah and Herod had the power and the right to order infanticide. If we give this right to our government, then we are handing over this same power. This deceit is very cunning. I don’t understand why no one is bringing this to the attention of Christians who are being deceived in large part by the conservative party.

They are using the pro-life issue to pull votes. Forget the fore mentioned fact. If you took abortion out of the political picture, would Christians be driven to vote for the Republican candidates? Well, let me rephrase: Would their Christian values drive them to vote Republican? Are Christians being manipulated by this party? We need to be willing to support a society that will help these women to make the right decision. Is the church reaching out today to the poor, the broken? Are you specifically? Do you give to your church and to charities or organizations that will support alternative choices? Would you be willing to adopt that child from the expecting mother and pay for the child’s birthing fees?

Solving this issue goes beyond voting for a president and ridiculing other Christians for voting differently. Prayer and fasting is a major force. Presently in our nation, we are seeing one of the lowest abortion rates ever. I believe this can be attributed to groups like IHOP and gatherings like The Call which are calling Christians to join together in fasting and prayer against abortion.

I believe we are all united on the issue that we want abortions to stop. We have to be united in our willingness to do all that we can, and all that Jesus would have us to do. It is the women making the decision to have these abortions that are operating in the “spirit of Herod”, and it is Satan that is driving these decisions. We must overcome this spirit with love and operating in the power of God, together.

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