Pregnant Lessons: 1st Trimester

So, I’m almost done with the first trimester and I’ve learned a lot.

* I’m so tired of being tired. But running helps a lot. I will definitely be keeping this up my whole pregnancy. I signed up to run a 7 mile leg of a marathon in April (6 months pregnant)

* You gain no weight your first 3 months. I really thought you would start looking pregnant right away, but my body hasn’t changed much at all. And usually changes are due to gas or constipation. TMI I know, but it true.

* The majority of cravings are healthy. Most of the time the unhealthy cravings are due to emotional trauma. But emotional eating as in times of non-pregnancy is still not something to be given into.

* Emotional/Hormonal breakdowns happen over spilled milk or a lack of apples in the fridge. It’s best that I just accept these for what the are. Go ahead and cry over the apple deficit and not try to find a more significant (more logical) reason. Finding filler reasons usually ends up hurting my husband as I try to pin them on him or others close to me.

* I can have all the tea I want! My green tea habit was safe. The caffeine in it is low so I didn’t have to give up my 4 or 5 cups a day. This was a relief.
(It was a relief to have sushi too-the cooked kind)

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  1. AH!! Its so great that you are making videos! To see your beautiful face again talking about life and God is a blessing. Keep them coming. Miss and love you so much!

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