Pregnancy Pain Relief: Hernia, Lower Ligament, & Vulvar Varicosities

pregnancy pain relief: piyo during pregnancy

Pregnancy Pain Relief: Hernia, Lower Ligament, & Vulvar Varicosities


Earlier I wrote a post about many solutions for vulvar varicosities. I wanted to write a post about two solutions that worked to give me the pregnancy pain relief I was looking for. I’ve found 2 solutions for pregnancy pain relief: hernia, lower ligament, and vulvar varicosities (varicose veins “down there”) pain specifically.  I feel like myself again…well almost.  But I am able to be active again for the first time.  I’ve worked out every day and taken my girls on lots of walks.  I actually just got back from walking to the library and the grocery store!  I had really begun to grow depressed because of the lack of pregnancy pain relief and how that pain paralyzed me.

My lifestyle is normally very active.  I love red wine and walking EVERYWHERE I can.  Maybe I’m European??  I also look forward to a challenging workout each day that leaves me feeling accomplished. These things became nearly impossible when hernia pain combined with lower ligament pain which then combined with vulvar varicosities (these are varicose veins near the vagina.)  The pressure and pain had grown to such a level that I would have to sit down every 5 minutes and take breaks from even normal daily chores.

The First Solution for Pregnancy Pain: Pregnancy Belts

By combining two different belts, I was able to stabilize my pelvic area sufficiently enough to walk more than 2 miles at a time.  While before this would have basically put me on bed rest that night and the next day, now there is no additional pain!

Here are the two belts I am using:

  1. Gabriella pregnancy belt
  2. Medical Hernia belt

I wear some short yoga shorts underneath to prevent chafing. First I put on the hernia belt.  Then I fasten the Gabriella pregnancy belt OVER the hernia belt which makes it very secure.  This combination has been a miracle for giving me the joys of walking again.  If you have pregnancy pain that is limiting you, I suggest you give this a try!


The Second Solution for Pregnancy Pain: PiYo!!!

This workout from Beachbody called PiYo has been a God send!! Basically it is a combination of pilates and yoga. Let me tell you, I feel amazing after each workout!  It is virtually ZERO impact yet leaves you sweaty and challenged. There is a modification for all of the moves so that the PiYo workout program could be followed throughout pregnancy. Also, it has a lot of stretching and strength-building.

Because of the amount of time you spend in the downward dog position, the weight of the baby is shifted off of your pubic area. Relief from this pressure is wonderful especially if you suffer from any of the issues like hernia, lower ligament pain, or vulvar varicosities. I made sure to ask my ObGyn about the downward dog since I read some scary stuff about doing it in the third trimester (like the baby turning breach). He said this was absolutely nothing to worry about.  He was very supportive and encouraging after I explained the PiYo workout.  They should rename this Pregnancy PiYo…lol…But seriously PiYo during pregnancy is something every pregnant woman should get into or at least women looking for pregnancy pain relief.

piyo during pregnancy


Pregnancy Joy not Pain

Well, I am very happy to have some mobility back in my life and especially to have pregnancy pain relief.  Pregnancy should be a joyous time not a time consumed with pain. Now I am free to enjoy my girls including the one in my womb!  I hope this helps other pregnant women dealing with pregnancy pain. Leave me a comment if you have any questions or feedback.


Here is an article on the benefits of prenatal yoga.




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