Power of Prayer and Faith

So, God has really has me in a place that was really uncomfortable. Let me tell you a little bit about it…

I made a choice of faith to come to Kansas City 3 months ago. I didn’t really know why. I believed in what the International House of Prayer was pursuing. Although I didn’t understand it fully, I felt that prayer was much more important than I ever understood. When I heard teaching on intercession and Christ return, I was moved because I agreed deep down that these two were connected. Now, after being here for almost 3 months and spending on average 36 hours a week in prayer and intercession, I am beginning to touch on the real truth of the power of prayer in this time. This truth is strongly connected with faith. You must believe that prayer shifts and moves things. This requires faith.

As I began to have faith and really believe in the power of prayer, I asked many close friends and family to partner with me once a week in prayer.  They began praying for me for provision, revelation, safety, and growth.  The difference when these partners began doing this was like a tangible wave of exhilaration in every one of these areas.  To everyone that is doing this for me… I am literally about to cry thinking about how thankful I am that you have committed to this.   Your personal investment in me now will have eternal weight, and there will be great steps  and ground gained for the kingdom. I truly believe it.  I feel it.

Let me tell you about one of the ways that God is speaking to me because I feel it will also speak to you.  This week God asked me to take a step completely out of my comfort zone.  I know that I want to finish the second track of this intercessory missionary training and service.  It’s necessary for where I want to go with God and the purposes to which He is calling me.  The cost was more than I have in my bank account.  Making this commitment in a seemingly deficit spending situation does not make sense to my natural mind and even seems irresponsible. So, I began to ask God to provide before I had to make the choice.  Turns out, this is not how it works.  🙂

One day on my run, I was talking to God about this situation.  He told me clearly to make steps of faith as often as possible.  Why? Because this side of eternity will be our only chance. On the other side of eternity, we will KNOW Him. There will not be opportunities to make choices displaying our trust in God despite any uncertainty.  There will not be any more moments where we are uncertain of His character and whether or not we can trust Him in which we can utilize the strength of His Spirit to make a choice of love, faith, and trust despite uncertainty.  Get it? He was telling me: Enjoy the excitement of trusting Me and seeing Me come through for you as much and often as possible.

On further recollection, I began to parallel this to dating vs. marriage.  There is a certain excitement to dating while you are getting to know the person.  On this side of eternity, we are able to enjoy this time as the time of growing in knowledge of God.  On the other side of eternity, we will know Him.  This can be compared to marriage, but we will look back always on the excitement of the period on earth where we were getting to know Him and making faith choices.  So, let’s enjoy this brief period that we have and choose to dare to trust Him based on His promises and His word! We will be happy we did through all Eternity.

*Read about George Muller if you want to grow in faith

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