PiYo Workout Calendar

2 month Piyo workout calendar schedule

PiYo Workout Calendar: 2 Month/8 Week



I was having trouble finding just a one page simple calendar to do 8 weeks (2 months) of Beachbody Piyo workout calendar.  So here is a printable 2 month Piyo Workout Calendar.  That way I can just check off the days as I complete the workouts.  So far I’m on day 3 and LOVING it for pregnancy.  I’m going to a doc appointment in a minute and going to ask my doctor about the downward dog position during 3rd trimester.  But the stretching feels fantastic, and strangely I actually feel like I’m getting a workout too (which is simply a bonus at this point).

Piyo 2 month Workout Calendar


   ************  Here is the workout dvd’s for PiYo.  I highly recommend PiYo for pregnancy.  It has eased a lot of my tension and pain and given me the joy of working out again that I desperately missed.


UPDATE: PiYo During Pregnancy – 1 Month Results

Piyo during pregnancy results

I’m proud to have stuck to this schedule for the last 5 weeks. Here are my results after one month. Not much difference, but in pregnancy that’s a good thing! I only gained 4 lbs over the month I’ve been doing Piyo.

I’m looking forward to finishing out these next 3 weeks. It’s fun and I feel strong, more flexible, and have less pregnancy discomfort/pain.



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