Scripture Meditation by RunHoly: 1 John 2:3-6

Scripture Meditation by RunHoly

Bible scripture verse meditation audio by RunHoly,


I’ve begun making videos for specific bible verses and scripture meditation. I use a tool I found on soundcloud for scripture meditation, but they only make audio for the gospels. That tool is called Audio Lectio and can be found here.

Bible scripture verse meditation audio by RunHoly, image image

There are many promises for scripture meditation.

I’ve enjoyed fresh revelation and soul change from simply listening and contemplating a verse over and over. Praying this audio will help myself and others to do that.

This will also help with memorization. The word is our sword. Memorized verses are like grenades in our arsenal.

Listening to verses arms our soul with strength while also washing us in the cleansing power of the word.Our souls, washed and strong, are able to conquer anything and lift up others around us with Truth.

These videos will be short so you can squeeze in some meditation throughout the day in little free moments like while doing chores, driving (listen-audio only), waiting in line, idle moments at work, or just before bed. As a mom, I need tools like this.

Subscribe and you will be notified of future verse meditations. Give me feedback on whether this was helpful to you.  Also, let me know verses that would help you to have in your arsenal. As this is my first verse video, let me know what is helpful to you…is the number of times the verse is repeated suitable? Looking forward to hearing back from all of you!


Grace & Peace,



A Prayer for Labor Induction

Prayer for labor induction - RunHoly.comA Prayer for Labor Induction

I just had a beautiful little girl. I made it through 9 (or ten) long hard months. I am not one of those women that glows and enjoys pregnancy. I think they are actually a myth as I have never met one **correction: on July 31st, I met ONE of these women, Bre.  Beautiful woman.  Anyway…** . For those other women that do not enjoy pregnancy especially at the end, I previously shared some things that I believe induced my labor.  Now, I wanted to also share with you the specific prayer and scriptures that I prayed the night before (of) my labor.

Haven was the only baby of my three that came naturally. I had to medically induce with the first two. She came at 37.5 weeks. She was the smallest of my babies which is very unusual since she was my third. I was amazed at how scrawny she was compared to my other two, but she was perfectly healthy in every way.  (She also gained weight quickly after being born.) This confirms to me that God was faithful to my prayer.  Quite possibly she came earlier than she would have if I had not prayed.

***You will see in this post that I also used several natural induction methods.  But I believe in God’s sovereignty, he would only allow these to “work” if it was his will. Along with this prayer, I also asked a group of about 5 of my prayer group friends to pray for a “Holy Spirit-induction” that very DAY that I went into labor.

By the way, going into labor naturally was one of the greatest experiences.  I was able to labor at home until the early hours of the morning: walking around my house, showering in my shower, sitting in my living room by the peaceful light of my Christmas tree.  No one “checking me” every hour.  And the contractions were super easy and gentle compared to Pitocin contractions!


Prayer for Labor Induction

Abba Father,

You know I’m not the most patient person.

But you also see and understand how difficult pregnancy is.

You used pregnancy as a metaphor for the most difficult and uncomfortable tests in the bible.

This pregnancy is definitely testing me.

You lead gently those with young and you desire to be merciful to me.

Your banner over my life and this pregnancy is love.

I know that there is an appointed time for the birth of this baby just as there was for yours.

I also know that in your mercy and love, you changed the times for people like Joshua and Hezekiah. 

All my times are in your hands. 

The time for this pregnancy to end and birth to happen are in your control and your wisdom.

But I am your daughter, you care about my discomfort, my pain, my desires.

So just as Jesus cried out for the possibility of you to change your plan, I’m asking you in boldness to have the timing of this birth to be TODAY / TONIGHT!

You know that my heart’s desire is to go into labor naturally, and you promise to give me the desires of my heart.

So, I’m asking that my water would break and that I would have a healthy labor and a vaginal delivery free of complications.

Make this child ready… body-soul-spirit to come into this world today/night.

Cast out all fear from her and strengthen her.

I speak maturity to every organ from her brain to lungs to digestion and immune system.

Thank you God that you hear me and that you always hear me.

Thank you for the gift of prayer and your promises, and for being a father that always cares about me.


Bible Verses for Prayer for Labor Induction

As a woman with child, when she draweth near the time of her delivery, is in pain, and crieth out in her pangs: so are we become in thy presence, O Lord. Isaiah 26:17

He gently leads those that have young Isaiah 40:11

And while they were there, the time came for her baby to be born. Luke 2:6

My times are in your hands Psalm 31:15

Since his days are determined, The number of his months is with You; And his limits You have set so that he cannot pass. Job 14:5

He changes times and seasons Dan 2:21

‘I desire mercy Matt 9:13, 12:7, Hosea 6:6

and let his banner over me be love Songs 2:4

So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped…The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day. Joshua 10:13

Time moved backwards for Hezekiah in 2 Kings 20

‘Thus says the Lord, the God of David your father: “I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; surely I will add to your days fifteen years Isaiah 38:5

He will give you the desires of your heart.  Psalm 37:4

And Jesus lifted up his eyes and said, “Father, I thank you that you have heard me…that you always hear me…Jn 11:41-42

I tell you truly that if two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven Matt 18:19

Inducing Labor: What Worked For Me

How to induce labor naturally. Natural induction method that works!

Naturally Induce Labor: The Natural Induction Method That Works!

Inducing Labor: What Worked For Me

At the end of pregnancy and I mean around 32 weeks, I begin searching-madly googling, searching forums, Facebook groups, etc.-ways to induce labor. I am DONE. The last few weeks of pregnancy are torture for me. Sciatic pain, discomfort, not being able to breathe, exhaustion…and generally just not being able to be ME all drive me to a willingness to do almost anything. This time, I believe I might have been successful at inducing labor. What worked for me?

How to induce labor naturally. Natural induction method that works!

How to induce labor naturally.

Natural Induction Method 1: Electro-stimulation of Nipples


Naturally induce labor with tens unit electrostimulation of nipples

Me using the TENS unit while pregnant.

I began this around 36 weeks. As I mentioned, I have terrible sciatic pain during pregnancy. (I don’t know if baby gets on my last nerve or what! Har har!) Anyway, so I have to wear a TENS unit on my back and butt to be able to sleep. So imagine my surprise and delight when coming across this clinical study: breast electrostimulation for the induction of labor.

Here are some highlights from this study:

“We studied breast electrostimulation as a controllable method of initiating labor in 21 women. This technique successfully induced labor in 15 women…”


“All of the successfully induced women delivered vaginally.”

Natural labor induction through nipple stimulation tens unit,


The Problem with Nipple Stimulation to Induce Labor

Okay so the problem with nipple stimulation isn’t it’s proven success rate in studies. Actually it is one of the ONLY successfully proven, science-backed natural induction methods. The problem is that the only way for breast stimulation to work it has to be done for 3 hours/day or more. Now if you are doing that manually…that is just weird. I’m not rubbing my nipples for 3 hours a day. Might make for an awkward checkout at the grocery store, ya know? Okay, so the other option is an electric breast pump. I tried this during my second pregnancy. Some people might be able to handle this for multiple hours a day. I could not. Excruciating. You might go into labor, but you might also have your nipples fall OFF. So the last option is what I chose. Like I said I already needed the TENS unit for back/sciatic pain. I also ended up using it for painful labor contractions. Turns out you can also use it for nipple stimulation. So, basically you stick one electrode pad on the right and left (or top and bottom) of your nipple.

A risk to note is that it might actually make you go into labor early.  Many women breastfeed babies all the way through pregnancy (including the third trimester); so the risk isn’t too high.  But, you don’t want to start this any earlier than 37 weeks if you are having a complicated, high-risk pregnancy or have been showing signs of premature-labor. *I started this at 36.5 weeks because I read in a couple of studies that it takes at least 72 hours to begin working/to start labor. Also, I have always gone to full term and had uncomplicated pregnancies.

I actually ran into a strange problem that I’m pretty certain won’t happen to most people. I got mastitis during these last days of my pregnancy. Now mastitis usually only occurs while breastfeeding – but I guess my body *thought* I was breastfeeding.  The bad thing about getting mastitis while pregnant is that there isn’t a baby to flush out the infection by breastfeeding which is how most mastitis infections are cleared up.   I am a high risk for mastitis.  I got it 4 times with my second baby.  To prevent mastitis, you can take soy lecithin or you can treat it as soon as you feel the symptoms like breast soreness, heat in breast by calling your doc and getting prescribed antibiotics.

So, here is the specific method: Attach the tens unit like below. Raise the level (ghz) until you can feel a light buzzing in your nipples. I also chose the setting that pulses. I felt like the intensity fluctuations mimicked breastfeeding most. I wore these pads underneath my clothes and slipped the controller in my jeans pocket so that the cords were pretty much out of sight. I ran the unit about 3-4 times a day for about an hour each time. The controller will automatically turn off the current after an hour. I did this during the day and at night.

Naturally induce labor with tens unit electrostimulation of nipples

Here is the TENS unit that I used. (Buying through this link supports all the hard work I do for this site.)

Inducing a VBAC labor…Attempting a VBAC?

Here’s a study on women with prior c-section deliveries who did nipple stimulation and 84% of them were able to have a successful vaginal birth.

Natural Induction Method 2: Membrane Sweep or Stripping Membranes (twice)

You probably already know about this.  It’s where the doctor uses a glove to “to gently separate the amniotic sac from the wall of the uterus”. Ouch.  Firstly this did cause some cramping and contractions both times.  It’s supposed to work within 48 hours.  The second time I had them done, I went into labor that night.

Also, I would not recommend looking on forums and boards for whether this is successful.  The only women that get on there and comment are the ones that are still pregnant. Because the ones that it was successful are too busy HAVING A BABY to go and post that it was a success.  Some go back and post that it was successful, but I didn’t.  It wasn’t really at the top of my list of priorities.  So yeah… I just wanted to put that out there on the interwebs so that other desperate google/babycenter searching pregnant moms can avoid that discouragement.

This study says that membrane sweeps work to induce labor. This study says that membrane sweeps do not pose risks.  There is another study that I can’t seem to locate again that said that membrane sweeps were most successful when combined with other induction methods.

Are There Risks to Having Membranes Stripped?
  • The cramping that may occur in the 24 hours after your membranes are stripped can make it hard to rest or sleep; this means that you might lose some sleep before actually going into labor.
  • Some people worry that membrane stripping may cause the bag of water to break or cause mothers or babies to become sick. Studies have found that membrane stripping does not make them more likely Source

Natural Induction Method 3: Prayer

Yes prayer. I was desperately searching for all these methods and ways to induce and God tapped me on the shoulder…like “hey, have you thought about praying about it?” DOH! So I began praying this prayer, and also texted my “prayer group” asking for them to pray for a Holy Spirit-induction.  That night I went into labor.

You can read my post on a Prayer for Induction of Labor HERE.

Natural Induction Method 4: Naps

Okay I thought this was strange. My doctor who has been in practice a loooong time gave me this tip after my membrane sweep and in response to my question as to whether walking might help the “sweep” work. He told me to go home and take a nap or two or three. He gave a couple of reasons for this.

When you put more stress on your body and are stressed emotionally to boot, this raises cortisol. This kills the oxytocin boost that you need to start labor. It’s all about hormones!  But when you relax, nap…meditate then oxytocin thrives and labor can start naturally.

Along those same lines, napping prepares your body for labor. Since labor is long and hard work, it’s good to let your body rest. It makes sense, right? How many women walk their butts off then end up going into labor already tired and worn out?

I took two or three naps the day I went into labor.

Well I think those cover it…

Once contractions started, I did bounce on a ball to try to keep it going. I did that the rest of the evening, and I bounced pretty hard at one point.

So if you’re like me and desperate for your pregnancy to be OVER, you can give these a try! Let me know if it works for you.

The Beauty of a Woman, Lover of God

Beauty of woman lover of God

The Beauty of a Woman, Lover of God

Beauty of woman lover of God

The beauty of a woman who is a lover of God is always growing

Not only because she will be pursuing fitness of her soul, mind, AND body

But because she will radiate joy, kindness.

When you think of her, you will feel warm.

Her remembrance will make you smile.

And her memorial will be all the beauty her life brought to the world & the glory she brought to God.

In her presence will be peace and she will bring peace to your heart.

As age spots her skin God’s spirit is removing all blemishes from her soul.

As the color fades from her hair, her life influence will become rich and vibrant.

Her remembrance will make you smile.

And her memorial will be all the beauty her life brought to the world & the glory she brought to God.

Through her selflessness, humility, and love.


Grace & peace,



Favorite Sermons – March 2016

Favorite Sermons & Resources List – March 2016

So I just had a baby and don’t have much (any) time to post. But I love to post these favorite sermons lists because they make a great reference to come back to later.

I hope to come back and update with notes on each one. Also a sermon post on a couple of these may be coming after life slows a bit…Here, in no particular order, are the sermons that have been impacting me lately:

  1. Sin as Slavery by Tim Keller
  2. Courageous Worship by Stairway Church
  3. This Series on Hope (especially the third one)
  4. The Spiritual Battle with Weight Loss by Tripp #askPastorJohn
  5. Dwelling in the Secret Place (Psalm 91) by Corey Russell
  6. Rejoice in Suffering by Francis Chan
  7. Stuart Greaves at the Ten Conference
  8. Preparation for the Promise, Antioch Norman
  9. Word, Spirit, Power Conference by
  10. A Lifestyle of Prayer by Graham


Stay Motivated When Not Losing Weight Intermittent Fasting

Stay Motivated When Not Losing Weight Intermittent Fasting

So you made it through your first week of intermittent fasting, but you’re not seeing weight loss …or even worse you’ve gained weight?

The first week or two is not always the time you begin to see fat loss. I sometimes actually see the scale go up. There a few reasons for this. But I’ll save that for a later post. Just know that it’s normal. Week 3 or 4 is usually the beginning of fat loss, but from that point it’s usually steady.

Or maybe you’re just in a slump not seeing the results you once were. There are things you can do when this happens too. But that’s not in this post either. I simply want to give you some ways to stay motivated when you aren’t getting the results you want or as fast as you want while intermittent fasting.

So How to Stay Motivated?

Here is what helps me. First, I focus on how intermittent fasting is helping me in ways other than weight loss.

Oooooh…I Get a Good Feeling

(Some Etta in case you needed it) I feel amazing in the mornings when I’m fasting: creative, energetic, sharp. I have 3 little girls all under age 4 that need me to be at my best. Fasting is a time that I can clean, write, play, organize, pray, etc. all at my best. I usually time my break-fast meal to the time when they are usually winding down.

Not that breaking the fast turns me into a sloth or anything. I feel a different kind of energy that comes from eating and satiety. It’s just that the end of the fast is a time of heightened energy, euphoria, alertness, and creativity. I like to give this to my girls at the time they need it most.

Focus on this feeling to keep you motivated when weight loss is not happening. Think about all you are getting done, how it’s helping you at work, in life, etc.

Building Discipline & Self-control

Every day that I successfully fast, I feel accomplished and that my self-control is strengthening. I use this success as momentum to keep going. When I want to quit because maybe I’m not seeing the results I want, I think about the way I will feel around 1PM when I’ve stuck to my break fast time. Or how I will feel at the end of the day, when I’ve completed my eating window.

Another day that I tell myself “No” (or actually “Wait”) is a day that I build discipline. Discipline is a lost virtue these days. It carries over to many areas of life. Discipline isn’t something you can measure on a scale, but eventually it will show up there. And self-control & discipline will drive you to lasting weight loss and body transformation.

When you are not seeing weight loss results, think about the self-control and discipline that you are building each day. Every day that you work your discipline muscle, it is getting bigger & stronger! Fasting (among other things) will get easier with a bigger muscle.

Get Inspired by Others

It will work. Stay motivated by researching how IF has worked for others. Look at before & afters, YouTube videos or books by other if’ers. Intermittent Fasting has worked extremely well for many not just for weight loss.

You can also connect to others via Facebook groups, forums, etc. there’s a link to my women’s intermittent fasting Facebook group here. There are also other Facebook IF groups. And there are forums such as this forum. Sometimes the support and encouragement of others can keep you motivated in a weight loss slump.

Even More Benefits

The fasting process isn’t just about weight loss. Look into the other benefits that are happening as you delay eating. Longevity, brain health, detoxification, blood sugar regulation, body composition change… There are many benefits that don’t involve weight loss.

When you aren’t losing fat, think about one  or more of these other benefits that are important to you. A good site that talks about intermittent fasting benefits is Dr. Mercola. I always feel very motivated after reading a few of his articles on IF.  Here’s one:

How Are You Measuring Weight Loss?

Intermittent Fasting (especially combined with HIIT workouts) causes me to lose weight in a way different than I ever have before. It’s so much better. But sometimes the scale doesn’t perform the way it used to in my 6-meals-a-day-distance-running days. I don’t just get skinny, smaller pant size, and lower numbers on the scale. My body actually transforms.

This is why I highly recommend using before and after photos.  Not only will these motivate you, but they can be used for later motivation when you are going through a slump. And they will inspire others. Seeing my progress over the years has kept me coming back to IF after each pregnancy and motivates me to keep going.

Strengthen Your Soul

In Conclusion…These are the different motivators for me that keep me on track when discouragement tries to seep in. I will also say that prayer, scripture, and meditation are tools in my arsenal. I find that strengthening my soul and keeping in focus what is most important to me helps to motivate in many ways. A healthy soul is able to conquer cravings and love myself through a PROCESS.

And remember that. It IS a process. There will be good days and bad days. But you are working on making yourself better, stronger, and enjoying this journey of life. Have fun with it and be easy on yourself.


Grace & peace,




How to Start Intermittent Fasting (the Easy Way)

How to Start Intermittent Fasting (the Easy Way)

If you are used to the “normal” pattern of eating, intermittent fasting can seem intimidating at first. Many people just can’t get started or give up soon after starting intermittent fasting. So I thought I would give you my easy, non-intimidating way to start intermittent fasting (IF).

intermittent fasting women

Intermittent Fasting helped me to lose weight postpartum

I’ve had to start and stop IF through three pregnancies within 5 years. Although researching intermittent fasting while pregnant and finding not much to say it would be unhealthy or dangerous, I didn’t want to take the chance. So after each pregnancy, I’ve had to begin IF all over again. Even though I’ve done it before, it can still feel very difficult and intimidating. Especially when I wake up after a long night of breastfeeding a newborn. (Can you say starving?!?! Breastfeeding munchies are no joke.)

So I came up with a way to start intermittent fasting by easing into the pattern of eating over the course of a week. You could also spread this out over a longer length of time to make it even easier.

If you’re reading this, then you are most likely familiar with what intermittent fasting is, but let me quickly define it. Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating. It’s not a diet that tells you what foods to eat. It is simply limiting the times you eat to a certain window.

My chosen method of intermittent fasting is similar to lean gains. I just keep cutting my window shorter until I am losing 2-3 lbs a week. Then when I have lost the weight amount that I want, I begin to increase my eating window.

Pattern of Eating Before Way of Eating

So intermittent fasting is my “pattern of eating” and my particular “way of eating” is plant based. But you can choose whatever way of eating works best for you. Many enjoy combining paleo or IIFYM with IF.

My suggestion would be to focus mostly on your pattern of eating while you are getting started. Start to make healthy exchanges maybe. Like a Lara bar instead of a donut or frozen fruit instead of ice cream.

If you are the kind of person that likes a big challenge, then you could go all in by changing your way of eating and pattern of eating all at the same time. Or you could focus on way/diet first and then start to focus on your eating window.

Making the Transition to IF

Goal-driven Starting Method

So here is how to start intermittent fasting the easy way:

First determine your current eating window. For example I usually have my first meal/snack by 8AM. My last meal/snack is usually before 11PM.

Current EW: 8AM – 11PM

(15 hours)

Now, decide your goal window and when you would like to reach this. My goal is a 6 hour eating window between 3PM and 9PM within 2 weeks.

Goal EW: 3PM-9PM

(7 hours)

Then figure out what it’s going to take to reach your goal. In my case, I will need to cut my eating window by about an hour a day. So, Monday I began eating at 9AM. Tuesday, I waited until 10AM to begin eating. And so on…  I also began cutting my night time eating by a little each day. (Tuesday night I stopped by 9:30PM.) so an example schedule might look like this:


M: 9AM – 11PM

T: 10AM – 11PM

W: 11AM – 10PM

T: 12PM – 10PM

F: 12PM – 9PM

S: 12:30PM – 9PM

S: 12:30PM – 9PM



M: 1PM – 9PM

T: 1:30PM – 9PM

W: 1:45PM – 9PM

T: 2PM – 9PM

F: 2:30PM – 9PM

S: 2:45PM – 9PM

S: 3PM – 9PM

The increments get shorter the later I move my starting time because it gets more difficult as it gets later. You’ll find that you feel like you are gaining little victories each day by meeting your time goals. This drives you to feel that you can accomplish the next day’s goals.

This method alleviates much of the discomfort that jump starting intermittent fasting can cause. It also alleviates the discouragement that you may feel by not being able to hold out until the start of your eating window (or giving in to late night cravings). It’s totally do-able and easy.

The Spontaneous Transition to IF

Another easy way to start intermittent fasting is the spontaneous transition method. This way is the same principle just a little different approach.

Basically, you hold out as long as possible and record the time. Each day you attempt to “beat” the time of the day before. For example, let’s say I waited Monday until 8:51AM to begin eating. And I stopped eating at 10:45PM. The next day, I would attempt to hold out longer than 8:51AM to begin eating and stop sooner than 10:45PM. So, if I began eating at 9:02AM & stopped at 10:40PM–SUCCESS!

This method is more flexible and organic. You can spread out your transition over a much longer period of time. Your transition would be very easy while giving you the daily boost of confidence to keep you on track to meeting your IF goals ultimately.

Sometimes I blend these two methods when starting IF. Basically, whatever gets you going and keeps you going until you are ultimately at your goal eating window that brings you the results & benefits that you are looking to get with intermittent fasting.

After about 7-10 days at your goal eating window, it will begin to feel natural and very easy. That is what I have heard from most people and found myself to be true. I find this effortless feeling comes almost from day 1 or 2 when using these IF starting methods.

What About Working Out While Starting IF?

Since I am postpartum each time I have started IF, I do not work out (except for going for walks maybe) while getting started. By the time I begin a challenging workout program, I have usually been very well acclimated to intermittent fasting.

I feel this would be a good choice for anyone, but if you decide to work out definitely take it a little easier on yourself while you are making this eating pattern adjustment. I must say: on the days that are more of a struggle, a slow walk is a great detractor from temptation and/or hunger. If a hard workout helps you in this same way, go for it! Just know that an hour or two after your workout, it will be VERY difficult to abstain if you are not more experienced with IF.

The Basics of Intermittent Fasting

I do recommend reading my 10 Steps to Getting Started Intermittent Fasting post for tips and information on getting started. And even though I do not think you should change your diet while getting started, I recommend applying the order of eating when you break the fast that is described in that post.

Hopefully these intermittent fasting starting methods will make the transition to IF a breeze so that you can accomplish all of the wonderful benefits that fasting provides! I am starting my journey to IF for the third time and employing these starting methods in the past has been what has helped me to reach weight loss goals and feel mentally and physically strong.

Here’s my postpartum/ “before” picture along with the reason that makes it all worth it.

Getting started intermittent fasting-


Grace & Peace,




Prayer for Patience

Prayer for Patience

Found this 1 colossians prayer for patience last night as I was reading. I need this so much today.  Growing more impatient with each day.  The end of pregnancy is definitely a time to pray for power, patience, endurance, and JOY!  Just in case, anyone else needed or knows anyone needing this…

scripture prayer for patience RunHoly

Love is the Root

Love is the ROOT from which the FRUIT grows.

This was a thought that came to me during prayer time. We must press in to comprehend what is the height, depth, length, width of His great love for us.  Out of this understanding we will not only find rest, but all of the fruit blossoms out of this restful understanding.  Also, out of the overflow of this comprehension will we love others.  It’s no longer a challenge or struggle to love when we truly understand the depths of His love for us.

love is the root

Peace and grace,



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