Night and Day for Justice

Many of us have a deep-seated longing for justice within our hearts. We are grieved as we look around and see the grave injustices in our society, such as abortion, sex slavery, and the mistreatment of the poor, the orphan, the widow and the foreigner.  I have often pondered the most effective way to bring about social change and see righteousness manifested in our nation.  Should I join protests and marches and lobby for righteous causes?  Should I boycott certain establishments that promote wickedness?  Should I spend my time signing petitions and contacting my congressmen and senators?  How can I shift culture?  How can I defend the needy?  How can I stop injustice?

While, I believe that there is a place for activism, I am convinced that activism alone will never release justice.  Jesus made it clear that there was one vehicle to bring about speedy justice.  In Luke 18:7-8, Jesus declares that justice will come speedily, when His bride cries out with perseverance in night and day prayer.  Justice does not come apart from night and day intercession.  For those of us that are burning to see righteousness and justice established, we must give ourselves to prayer.  We must cry out day and night to the Judge of the earth, who loves to get justice on our behalf.  We must believe that He hears prayer and moves at the sound of our voice.  Surely He will avenge us quickly.  Surely justice will come speedily.

By Jamie Burns

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