Never Again

“Wake up God move yourself. Wicked men crush your children. We pray, we wait, how long until you say never again. …Never again!”

– Ben Pasley (Enter the worship circle, 4th circle)

The first time I ever heard this song, the words immediately grabbed my attention. The Lord pierced my heart as I realized that He was stirring the entire body of Christ to prayer and action on behalf of the poor and oppressed.  I know we have disagreements about different issues and there are several opinions and theological debates about this and that. But across the board, most of the body of Christ can come together about issues that affect those that do not have a voice. God is calling the bride to cry out for justice. If we look at the various issues of the day: abortion, immigration, human trafficking, child abuse, the poor, the lost, sick, and oppressed: we would be saying, God: “How long until you say never again?”

But there is an answer to all of these issues: His name is Jesus. I am convinced there is no other anecdote for our nation. And in recent days, looking at the state of humanity in general, I have begun to long for the man Jesus to come and rule the nations as King forever. You see in the age to come, Jesus will be seated on a literal throne in Zion. He will be the one to make all the decisions; everything about him is righteous and gracious. The Man who is acquainted with the cries of the oppressed, He will surely execute Justice for them. He will say “never again to injustice”.

Prayer : Your character and nature causes us to fall in love the more we see you. We are trusting that you will make the wrong things right in due time. Remember the cries of the oppressed. We love you King Jesus

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