1. We have no Lords over, we are the Lords, Lauren. You are very wrong in common, and it’s sad to me that I have no chance to change your cage.

  2. In one famous experiment, a rat had electrodes in its brain, and every time when it pushed button, connected to elecrodes, it just had very strong enjoyment feeling. Rats died, because they forgot to eat, sleep and so on – they kept pushing the buttons.

    So, cages may be different in nature. And it doesn’t matter, how good you are served in the cage – if your thoughts and actions don’t belong to you, but are dictated by something else – your are still enslaved, whatever you call it. Enslaved by people, who misappropriated the right for truth.

    You have no your own will, Lauren, and it’s your cage. Sit there.

    P.S. I can’t belive that happened to you – in my understanding, that hooligan girl would decline the cage. Even if I know that words may find their way to any mind – anyway, I’m surprized.

  3. Seems, like I’ve misread your last statement.

    If you agree to stay in enclosure like a cow, giving money instead of milk, and agree to pay for ecstasy, satisfaction etc, etc with your own personality and mind, there is nothing to add more from my side. Just I’m impressed by skills of your herdsmen.

    1. Most likely, in less than 70 years, we will know whether right or wrong. If I am right consequences are for eternity. If you are right, “consequences” are for 70 years. And yet my 70 years of “consequences” are filled with joy and satisfaction. The other consequences promise only pain, loneliness, and grief. This life no matter how grim is no comparison to the cage of eternity apart from God and apart from ALL relationships, and in torment. I have tried this life apart from God. It is unsatisfying and pointless. With Him, I have found not only significance, but I have found relationship with God, the Creator. It’s real. And nothing can argue differently and convince me. I’ve met Him and He has spoken to me. He loves me, and I know that He died for me. God provided all of the money to do this school, and a car, and money to pay my bills while I did this. So, actually He is the one giving money. He supplies all of my needs. It’s real. He’s real. I know you don’t want to hear it, but it’s true. If you turn your back on this fact, you will remember this conversation for all of eternity with pain and regret.

      Praying for you Misha.

      P.S. The biggest hooligan is one that goes against the traffic. Christianity goes against everything that this culture says that we must do. The world and it’s ways are a cage that lead only to another cage on the other side.

  4. Don’t you afraid to be wrong, Lauren?

    There is no sense to discuss things further this way – I need your eyes to talk to your faith and emotions, while comments on this site allows me to have only logical discussion with you, and it’s a nonsense – logical religion.

    What I want to tell you now, is that I’ve never said God (or gods) is not true. I believe, he is/they are. But what I’ve said, is that your faith is exploited by others, and that your faith makes you blind.

    Keep beliving, but stop to be pious, look around – God doesn’t, but people do. People give you all the money and that car. People. People do.

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