My Top 5 Resources on Marriage

These books/teachings have given me such revelation on marriage reality:

These teachings have provided me so much insight in the last 6 months into the beautiful reality versus the fantasy that we hold about marriage.  Much insight has also come as I read the Bible paying special attention to the romances/marriages in each book.  

There’s so much out there about dating, love, marriage.  These were the least confusing and most biblical.  But really, as I read the Word paying attention to romance, I noticed that each story and dynamic was very different than the next.  I believe this is one area where what is right for one person may not be right for the next.  This is very personal, and it really depends on the specific way God is using or planning to use the tool of marriage to carve you & your life.

1. Glory of Marriage… Billy Humphrey (IHOP-Atlanta)

2. Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

3. Choosing to Love….. Bob Jones University

4. Destroying Pop-Christian Views of Marital Bliss 1…Paul Washer

5. Destroying Pop Christian Views of Marital Bliss 2 ….Paul Washer

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