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Top 10 Sermons: A Favorite Sermons List

I enjoy listening to sermons. Don’t you?  It’s like a shortcut to Revelation. I feel like I’m sometimes cheating.  Although I usually can get more revelation from meditating on a couple of verses then I can from two hours of sermons it still causes me a lot of growth. So, here is what I’ve been enjoying lately:

  1. Graham Cooke, as of right now I am listening to his Faith Series. There is a lot of his stuff available on Amazon (and many offered for free through Prime music). The amount of freedom that I feel after listening to Cooke is unlike any other pastor I listen to.
  2. Mike O’Connell series on Power of Words. This man is an undiscovered wealth of wisdom & revelation. The accent helps, but seriously he has a teaching anointing. You not only receive revelation, but also a strong handle on how to walk it out.
  3. Art Katz – An Israelite in Whom There is No Guile. Love this Jewish man. This message in particular is so relevant to our generation as social media is all about “guile”.
  4. Shane Willard-Life, Light, & Increase. This pastor studied under a messianic Jewish rabbi. His revelation because of this is like nothing you’ve ever heard. Amazing insights that are thrilling to the soul.
  5.  John Maxwell- Failing Forward Not exactly a sermon, but this teaching took my breath away. I wish I had heard this a long time ago. Maxwell is a pastor that has resonated in the business world. All of his material is biblically-based and drawn, but it doesn’t sound like your usual Sunday morning. If you are more into reading than listening, you can buy a copy of Failing Forward cheap on Amazon. 
  6. A Defense of Imprecatory Prayers – Robert Gonzales. Due to some pervading issues that a friend has had with wounded evil family attacking her, I have begun to research praying these strange prayers of David where He asks God to do things like break his enemies teeth. This was a great explanation.
  7. John Maxwell – How to Connect With People. Practical evangelism. Awesome 30 minute sermon on something we suck at. Seeing, and connecting with others. This book on this topic looks great.
  8. Katie Souza – Banking on the Glory Lady with a serious testimony and serious anointing. This series on finances is the best thing I’ve heard by her so far. She has a lot more material here and on YouTube. Her teaching on healing the soul is fresh.
  9. Mike Bickle – Deep Unto Deep . Old series, but so good.
  10. The Narcissist. A more specific issue, but this sermon speaks into the issue of narcissism, especially if you’ve suffered through the issue of a family member who is a narcissist.




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