Loyal to Truth: Music

You know sometimes I wish there was no conviction or at least a delay on hearing from God because once you have heard truth, you have a responsibility to be loyal to that truth.   Not every rule to live by is in the Bible.  Some rules come from walking and abiding in the spirit.  Not long ago, I was convicted about Vampire movies, and had to completely stop watching one of my favorite movies, Underworld, and abstain from seeing the newest Underworld movie.

I have been hanging on to some of my music.  I love music and all sorts appeal to me, but especially electronic music.  I have to admit that I love Nine Inch Nails.  Trent Reznor is a musical genius.   Some other lesser known stuff  like Kidney Theives and Gus Gus have lyrics that are anti-Christianity at times, but nasty funky beats.  Ugh!!!  I wonder if I can hold on to the music if my interpretation and intentions remain pure.  Hmm…

Is it really necessary to completely abstain?  We are called to be not of the world… but in the world, yes?  I don’t know the answer.  I’ll just keep seeking truth on this.

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