Love wins, Boston.

love winsLove wins, Boston.

I don’t have much time to write. But as a runner, I felt I should write a post about this tragic event. It’s days like today that I just want to keep the tv off, stick my head in the sand, or my fingers in my ears, hands over eyes. It’s sickening. My heart and prayers go out to Boston along with a message of comfort and hope: love wins.

At the finish line.

These runners have looked forward to this day, trained for months, maybe years (because it takes a lot to qualify for Boston). And now their victory has turned into tragedy. Good has been afflicted by evil.

I sat at the table hearing Fox News loop the story over & over, I felt the strangest feeling. Stephen Venable once said that the end times wouldn’t just come like flipping a switch. Like “and we’re in the end times….Now”. There will be a transition, a gradual shift like the changing of the seasons. As I sat at the table, doing my bible study for Thursday’s women’s group, I experienced the strange awareness of a shift in season. The news story anchors voice like the cold north wind.

Here it comes.

The dark will get darker. Evil will abound. But oh, beloved, the light will get brighter. He’s going to set us ablaze with passion & power. We, the trophies of His mercy, will be the vessels of hope at the end of the age. So, when we hear these stories, don’t feel defeated. The story’s already been written.

And love wins.


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