Letting Go… Tandem Jumping

My friend went skydiving a couple weeks ago.  This got me to thinking about my life and the way that I have been feeling lately.  I don’t know when it exactly happened, but some time in the last few weeks, maybe months, I have completely let go.  I’ve let go control of my life and given over all of my life’s direction, decisions, and dreams to God.  As I have drawn near to Him, I’ve realized He will do for me what is best for me.  I knew this “in theory” before, but it’s just yet sunk into my heart and true understanding.

For so long, I wouldn’t jump.  I wouldn’t get out of the plane for fear of what would happen.  Even though God was tandem jumping with me.  I didn’t understand that he knew every wind current, every hot & cold patch, every bump in the ground where we would land.  He already knew.   He knows all of the pitfalls  and exactly how to soar around them.

Along with that, He is a God who delights.  He knows exactly which course to take you so that you see the view that you will delight in.  He knows exactly the speed to take you that will fill you with excitement, and exactly when to slow it down so that you are filled with peace.

My friend told me that the hardest part is getting out of the plane.  To make this easier, really study the character of God, your Father.  Study how much He loves you and wants you to prosper.  Look at all the promises.   Examine His word and realize that when God’s Word was woven together, it was woven with you in mind.  The little events that happen in your day, God inspired people like Isaiah or Paul to plant a verse just for that moment!  Isn’t that crazy?  As you understand the nature and heart of God, you will be so willing to enter a free fall with Him.  Not only that, but you will be able to be at peace and trust to sit back, and enjoy the view.


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