Las Vegas, Unsatified & Deceived

As I walked out of Diablos, I stared across the street at a red banner that covered an entire wall of a large hotel that said simply “Thou Shalt.”  Walking down the strip, I overheard someone speaking on a microphone “Don’t repent just yet.  Come in and get your ‘I have sinned’ t-shirt.”   In most of the bars, girls danced on top of the bar in what could barely be defined as a bikini while guys gawked at whatever body parts were shaking.   I wondered what I was doing here.  The “city of sin” weighed down so heavily upon me that by the second day, I had to duck into bathrooms at the mall to cry and pray. I felt that I had made a mistake in coming, but prayed that God would give my presence meaning and joy.

Inside the club on the second night, I met a man who was born and raised in India.  He asked me why I was only drinking water and this gave me the opportunity to tell him that I was a Christian.  I ended up speaking with him for hours that night including a long walk home.  He gave me great insight on the emptiness of a city so caught up in image.  When you spend so much time worried about the outside, soon you become vacant on the inside.  We had a long talk about true satisfaction and purpose.  It was a great talk & a divine appointment.

The next night after seeing a show, I got the chance to walk the strip and people-watch.  So many were caught up in drunkenness.  I stared into one club watching the group of people lion21dance.  God began to speak to me.  What is the purpose of dancing? To celebrate. What are they celebrating? The celebration of wasted life, wasted purpose.  It grieved me.  The next day, I walked over to the MGM Grande to see the Lion Exhibit.  What God spoke to me here nearly brought me to my knees.  As I stared at the beautiful Lion asleep in his ‘habitat’ at the hotel,  God whispered, This is what this city has done to me.  They have put me in a cage, compartmentalized and mocked. There is something so sad about God’s glory and power being constrained.    Las Vegas let’s the power of sin reign throughout the city and in their lives while He is held behind a glass wall,  pacing and majestic.  It was a very sad revelation.

In the mall, a shirt hung on the display that stated “I ME”.  A top seller in this city I am sure.  If only these people knew that in order to truly love yourself, you have to know and love God.  You had to be able to see yourself through God’s eyes.  Satan has a great way of deceiving us into thinking that if we live to please ourselves that we ‘love ourselves’.   In the end, this is the most destructive thing that we could ever do. Me-worship is just what Satan wants us to get caught up in.  We were created to worship God and not ourselves.  If they look deeply, these Las Vegas-ians would most likely admit that they are all searching and empty…. each trying to find approval and acceptance in the eyes of another and pleasure in the bottom of a glass.  If the dress is just short enough and fits the right way….If the roll of a dice or falling of a card brings enough money… If the drinks I order keep me drunk enough…. If I visit the right clubs and see the right people.  Maybe just maybeSOMETHING will satisfy.  But it never does.

My heart breaks for Las Vegas and the separation she has put between her and God.  It is a city deceived. I pray that these walls begin to come down in indivual hearts.  I pray that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah will break forth in power and reveal the true meaning and purpose of life — the purpose that brings true satisfaction.


  1. Oh honey….I am sorry that you felt this way. The one time that I went there was horrible…in fact, so horrible that I will never go back. The atmosphere there is one of depravity and sin. Don’t get me wrong, there are other things to do there, but the feel and point of Las Vegas is ‘Do what you want. It does not matter here. There are no consequences.’
    Love you!

  2. Lauren, i totally understand, i was there nearly 14 ago and even then I hated it. The sin of course, but my heart just felt for these people. Ya know. I know that the seeds you planted will prosper in due time. your presence was there for a reason. love ya TinaB

  3. Wow, Lauren. So true. Makes me feel like I was right there with you when I read this. So sad, but you did plant good seeds…and hey, the Lord led you to a Jewish man! This just shows you were blessed while you were there! 🙂

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