IHOP, Kansas City

I absolutely adore the church International House of Prayer in Kansas City. People like Lou Engle, Misty Edwards, and Dwayne Roberts. These people speak and live with the urgency that most of the church is lacking.

During these next 19 days of fasting, I have found that the OneThing conference held in Kansas City has posted their teaching archives from these great men and women of God. For these teaching session archives click here: session teaching archives

Also, IHOP is full of free resources to study and go deeper with God including teachings on fasting:

IHOP is offering a free worship cd for download, click here and enter a valid email address for this free worship cd:
Forerunner Music Free Worship cd


I hope that God is increasing your spiritual sensitivity. Speak with the Spirit that God has placed inside you- His spirit. Jesus very feelings, thoughts, and emotions- you can know them, now. Crave Him. He is so worth giving up what your flesh desires. Don’t give up. Press in. And ask God to feed you on His substance. To satisfy you with his essence.


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