Hidden in Christ/ Christmas Shopping

For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God. Colossians 3:3

Well, it happens every year around this time. I procrastinate and usually have to choose gifts from the leftovers on the picked-over racks. My mom is always disappointed because I wasn’t able to get her what she wanted (because someone who didn’t procrastinate got it first). This year I had gone with Mom to TJ Maxx, and she had found some gorgeous cashmere sweaters that she loved. A very unique Calvin Klein purse had also caught her eye, and she showed it to me as she gushed. Unfortunately, we both realized that day that we didn’t have the money to buy anything, and we left. So, I set out 2 days before Christmas to purchase my mom one of those cashmere sweaters.

The store was bustling with my other fellow procrastinators as they scavenged the racks. I couldn’t believe it! The plethora of cashmere sweaters in all the styles she had loved were all gone. The only selection left were all size small, and a style that my mom would hate. So, I set out to the mall to continue my search. Every store either had no cashmere or the same ugly style. At Sears, a denim colored scarf caught my eye. I purchased it for mom, and returned back to TJ Max remembering the purse. As I searched, I recounted all the holidays that my mom had been disappointed in the gifts I gave her. She especially needed joy this Christmas. I began praying to find the purse. I prayed and prayed as I searched, but it was not to be found. So, I returned to the shelf of ugly, too-small, plain cashmere sweaters. None of them were the colors she liked.

Suddenly one of them caught my eye. It was a beautiful dark denim color, different from all the other colors. This color is the perfect match for my mom. It makes her skin radiant and light blue eyes sparkle. Assuming that it would be too small, I dug it out from the pile of ugly sweaters on top of it. It was thinner than the other scarfs in a sort of dainty way. A simple long cardigan type sweater with no buttons and 100% cashmere. It was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t believe it. She could wear it more often than just a regular sweater because it was a jacket-type sweater, and it would go with anything-from jeans to a dress. AND the scarf that I had haphazardly bought went with it perfectly.

As I drove home, I thanked God for the wonderful gift that he had helped me find. I thanked him for the money that I had to buy it. Though I don’t deserve his mercy, he gives it so freely. I am in Christ, and so God the father gives me the blessings that he would give his son. I thank God that even in my procrastination, He gave me mercy to find the perfect gift to bring joy to my mom. I love that we have a holiday to honor the ultimate gift that was given -the sacrifice that was made so that we can enjoy being hidden in Christ and being considered the children of God most high.

I also got a wonderful gift for my marketing guy for Unique Jewelry. That’s another story, but yet another revelation of God’s hand in even the smallest parts of my life to bring me joy. I love, love, love Him.


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