Good Form

As I was running with a friend, he told me that I should pursue running in a serious way because I had such a natural running form. Truth of the matter: I have been running for 14 years, and I have had to learn proper form. Now this runner’s form DOES come natural.

So many times, I see Christians living a Christ-like life in such a way that it seems to come natural. It seems that they are a mirror-image of Jesus without trying. It occurred to me on my run last night that, spiritually, it is much the same. Although some God blesses with gifts that may enhance their stride, the Christian walk comes natural only after years of exercises and trials.

Some people ARE born with natural athletic form, but it is attainable for those of us who are not. Spiritual “form” is always attainable for those that are willing to put their heart in the Father’s hands.

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