Glory to Glory – Endurance

It’s amazing to me the adaptability of the human body. I mean – I go through periods where my daily runs may turn into my weekly runs…maybe even monthly runs.  When I want to get back out there- back into the practice of running – I have to begin again with short distances.  What amazes me is the rate that the body can increase distance.  One week, I may be “running” a mile.  This run is interspersed with bouts of walking.  The next week – just seven days and four runs later- my distance has doubled. Incredible!  It occurred to me on my 2 mile run today that if the endurance of the body, which is made and designed by God, can improve it’s ability to endure at this rate, how much faster can the spirit, which is of God build endurance?

When it comes down to it, endurance is built through practice. How you practice. How often you practice. And what you do outside of practice.

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