All beautiful you are, my darling; there is no flaw in you.

Song of Songs 4:7

Satan thrives in accusation.  From the time of his introduction, he has shown himself to be an accuser.  He whispers to you all of your weaknesses and faults.  He points out all of your mistakes and shortcomings.  He hurls guilt at you left and right. If you are living with accusation and any kind of self-loathing, I promise you: he is the source!  You’re too fat.  They don’t like you.  You’re not good enough. Look at what you did.  No one will be your friend after the lies that you have told. You will never be enough. On and on he goes.

When Satan controls people, not only are they constantly reminded of their own flaws, but they see others through this same perception.  Everything that a person says or does is to hurt them. Others’ intentions are constantly misconstrued into something malicious.  If Satan can make you think the worst of people, then he can keep you in fear and keep you from loving others.

The amazing thing that occurred to me was the difference in God. Because I have given my life to Him, I have been blessed with the constant outpouring of edification.  God continuously points out strengths.  He searches the heart and reveals what He loves about you. He sees past your actions to  your good intentions.  He is that lover who is so in love that it almost blinds Him to your flaws.  That father that loves even in the child’s mistakes.  And there is nothing that you can do to make Him not love you and remind you of your worth.  You are precious in his sight, and His heart rejoices over your beauty and strength.

You were made in His image; so He loves you as a Father loves his child.  You were made in His image; so Satan hates you.

In this world, you will constantly feel condemnation that is sometimes unjust. Let this accusation point you back into the open arms of God.  If people are searching for your weaknesses, and are waiting for the opportunity to accuse, if they rejoice in accusation, they are not children of God the Father. They are not seeing the world through the eyes of mercy and love. Pray for them that they will be free from the accusations that are causing them great pain.

As God pours his love out to you, as He looks past your flaws to call you Beloved, something amazing happens inside!  You begin to see others through the eyes of mercy to their intentions.  You begin to have compassion, taking into account their wounds.  You are merciful even to the one person that most are the hardest on… YOU!

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