Fits of Joy

For the last week, I have experienced bouts of uncontrollable laughter at different times.   This started a few weeks ago when I went to Ramp in Alabama.  This time was for obviously no reason other than the Spirit’s presence.  It’s very strange to laugh for no reason I remember thinking.  My mind needs a reason to be laughing until tears come down my face.  Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

The second time I was painting my bedroom.  My brother, who I have been keeping updated on almost every step of the job search gave me a call.  Now understand, that my brother is more like Martha.  He is driven, and has been trying his best to help me to chisel my path to success with different advice and tips.  In this phone call, I told him about my choice to go to Kansas City in April for an IHOP internship. He asked me expectantly, “Oh what does that pay?”  I responded that I would be paying to go.  There was a pause (Selah) and then we moved on with conversation.  I can imagine my brother’s perplexed look in that moment.  The conversation ended and I went back to painting.  The Holy Spirit came unexpectantly and gave me a “kingdom perspective” glance at my life.  In this glance, despite all of the choices that seemed opposite to gaining success in a humanistic, rational world-view, my life choices being rewarded and honored with success.   I can’t really explain it, but this time I had a reason.  The glance possessed so much irony and I saw how much joy it gives God to confound the seemingly wise with “His ways that are far above our ways”.   His thoughts are far above our thoughts and in this perspective, from His perspective, it was like I was looking down on all my thoughts choices. It gave me so much pleasure and joy that I couldn’t help but laugh with utter joy.

God has so much fun when we make choices in obedience to Him that make no sense to us.  This is His time to shine.  This is where He is given glory, and He loves that.  I do too…

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