Favorite Sermons – March 2016

Favorite Sermons & Resources List – March 2016

So I just had a baby and don’t have much (any) time to post. But I love to post these favorite sermons lists because they make a great reference to come back to later.

I hope to come back and update with notes on each one. Also a sermon post on a couple of these may be coming after life slows a bit…Here, in no particular order, are the sermons that have been impacting me lately:

  1. Sin as Slavery by Tim Keller
  2. Courageous Worship by Stairway Church
  3. This Series on Hope (especially the third one)
  4. The Spiritual Battle with Weight Loss by Tripp #askPastorJohn
  5. Dwelling in the Secret Place (Psalm 91) by Corey Russell
  6. Rejoice in Suffering by Francis Chan
  7. Stuart Greaves at the Ten Conference
  8. Preparation for the Promise, Antioch Norman
  9. Word, Spirit, Power Conference by Rtkendallministries.com
  10. A Lifestyle of Prayer by Graham


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